How to Become an Affiliate for Infinity

The concept is fairly simple: whenever someone purchases an Infinity plan via your link, you get a 20% commission. So, the amount of money you earn depends on the plan the other person purchases.

We pay out all of our affiliates once a month, i.e. on the first of each month.

How to Join Our Affiliate Program

All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Go to the link:
  2. Fill out the necessary information, including first and last name, email, and password.


  1. When ready, click on the Sign Up Now button.
  2. In the next window, fill out the other requested information, such as your address, way of payment, etc.
  3. You will immediately get access to your dashboard.


  1. When we get your request, we will approve your email in our system and you will be able to obtain your affiliate link in the left sidebar, under Assets.
  2. You’re set!

From your dashboard, you’ll also be able to access conversions and commissions, as well as reports regarding your affiliate link (how many people purchased an Infinity deal through it, etc.). To see your payouts, just head over to the section of the same name.

In case you notice some irregularities with your links or commissions, feel free to contact us via chat or send us an email to