Sort allows you to order your items by any attribute you have in your folder. This means that you can sort your items by different metrics, names, dates, and a lot more to get a better insight into your data.

To be able to sort your items, you’ll first have to assign attributes to them.

Once you're done, you're going to find the Sort button, located right below your tabs. The attributes you have in this folder will appear as the sort options.


For example, if you’re selling something, you might find it useful to sort your items by price.

In this case, we will sort the items in the following way: click on the Sort button, then Select Option, and choose 'Price' from the drop-down menu.

Finally, choose ascending or descending order.

And that's it. Your items will automatically be reordered by the rule you've set.

{info} TIP: You can use Sort more than once by clicking on the +New Sort button below your first sorting option.

You can easily change the formula and create a different sorting rule, or you can even add several sorting rules at once.


{primary} NOTE: This GIF was made prior to the changes made in design and featues, but the action (how Sort works) is the same.

To delete a sorting rule, just click the X symbol on the far right of the formula.

{primary} NOTE: When using Sort in the Table and List view, you won't be able to reorder your items by drag and dropping them as you normally would.