Introducing the Board Manager

November, 2020

In order to make your boards even easier to navigate and manage, we’ve released the Board Manager which essentially packs options that were previously scattered across the top of your boards all into one place.


How Does It Work Now?

There’s not a lot of difference between how navigating your boards used to work and how it works now. The main difference lies in the way the top bar looks.

In the previous version of Infinity, you had separate buttons for Settings, Trash, Activity Log, etc. Now, you have a single place for all of these options—Board Manager—where you can find everything that you need when it comes to using your board.

To access the Board Manager, simply click on the button next to the Search button in the upper right corner of your board. Once you do, a pop-up window will open with different settings.


{primary} NOTE: Unless you're the owner of the board, you won't see anything but the Activity Log and Trash.

Choose the section which you want to update, make your changes, and exit the window when you’re done. Easy!

For more information about how the Board Manager works, check out our dedicated Boards section.

Will This Update Affect My Data in Any Way?

This is a purely cosmetic update and won’t affect your data in any way.