Infinity API [Beta]

When we started building Infinity, the idea was to create a work management tool so flexible that you’d be able to organize anything that comes to mind, no matter what industry you’re in.

But as the platform’s possibilities and user base grew, so did the need for Infinity to become even more flexible and allow our users to simply achieve more with it.

The way to do it? Through our own API, of course.

Infinity’s API will ultimately allow you to do anything from building your own app to connecting Infinity to a third-party software of your choice. In short: give you endless possibilities when it comes to organization.

At the moment, we’re running a private beta for a certain number of users who will help us test everything out and give us feedback on what we can improve before the official release. If you’re a developer who likes trying new things, then don’t hesitate to sign up.

In the meantime, scroll down to get a bit more information on how everything works.

What Can You Do with the Current Version?

So, what functionalities can you expect in the beta version of our API?

  • Upload Files—This will upload a file by providing a content as a multipart/form-data.
  • Download Attachment—This will download an attachment from a given link and store it.
  • Get All Boards—This will return all the boards you have access to, regardless of the workspace they are in.
  • Get Workspaces—This will get all workspaces that the current user is the owner or member of.
  • Create, Update, and Delete Board.
  • Get All Comments—This will allow you to grab all comments that are related to a certain item.
  • Create, Update, and Delete Comment. Get All Views—This will let you get all views (tabs) from a board.
  • Create, Update, and Delete Views.
  • Get Folders—This will allow you to get all folders that belong to a given board.
  • Delete and Save Folder.
  • Get Items—This will let you get all items for a given board.
  • Create, Update, and Delete Item.
  • Get Values—This will let you get all values for a given board.
  • Get Folder Values—You’ll be able to fetch only those values that belong to a specific folder.
  • Create, Update, and Delete Value.
  • Get Attributes—You’ll be able to get all attributes for a given board.
  • Create, Update, and Delete Attributes.
  • Get My Profile Data—You’ll get all the data related to the current user.

How to Get Started with Infinity’s API?

The first thing you’ll need is an active Infinity account, so if you’re yet to grab your plan, you can do so here:

If you do have an account and want to join our private beta, you should go ahead and sign up through this form.

Once you sign up, this is how things will move along:

  • Our team will check if you have an account and if everything is in order with your information.
  • Next, they will add you as a developer into our system
  • Once you’re added, we’ll notify you.
  • When you receive a green light from us, head over to the Profile section in your dashboard.
  • Find the new section called ‘Developer’ there.
  • If you scroll down, you’ll find a section ‘Personal Access Tokens’, where you'll be able to create tokens you’ll later use to make API requests.
  • You’re set!

If you find yourself having trouble setting things up, feel free to contact us via chat or email.

Submitting Your Feedback

Once you start testing things out, you’ll most likely run into some issues that need fixing or get ideas on how to improve our API. You’ll be able to submit your feedback in the dedicated API Board of an Infinity Beta workspace.

Aside from adding different tickets to the board, you’ll also get to communicate with some of our developers, and take part in API discussions. That way, you’ll always be in the loop when it comes to updates, changes, and fixes.

{primary} NOTE: You’ll only be able to join the board if we approve you as a developer for the beta testing.

Official API Documentation

Obviously, to get a better idea of how to navigate Infinity’s API, you’ll need official documentation written by our own developers, which you can access here: API Documentation.

This is where you’ll find everything related to:

  • Authentication
  • Rate Limiting
  • Error Handling
  • Endpoints

As well as code examples for working with the API in different programming languages.

Need Help? Contact Our Customer Support

If something’s not working as planned or you have any questions when it comes to our API private beta, feel free to get in touch with our awesome customer support team who will be more than glad to help you out.

Reach out to us via the small chat bubble on your dashboard or send us an email to