Time Tracking with Everhour

Everhour is an easy-to-use time tracker that you can use for tracking the time spent on your tasks, but also for budgeting, invoicing and payroll. With this integration, you can also review your timesheets, check what the team is working on right now and also track timecards, vacations, sick leaves, etc. Everhour has a free version that will cover the needs for time tracking for freelancers and small teams, as well as paid plans. The article below will show you how to get started with Everhour.


  1. First, create an Everhour account. You can sign up for free here.

  2. Install their browser extension. They support all popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

  3. Once installed, the extension will show up in your browser. Make sure you log into the Everhour app and pin the extension so you can always see when your timer is running.

  4. You will need to grant Everhour access to Infinity’s website/app. Open the Everhour extension and click on the avatar icon to access the Integrations page. Search for Infinity and enable it.

everhour access

  1. Open one of your boards in Infinity. You should now be able to see the Everhour timer on your items. You can click on it to start the timer, and you can click the ‘+’ button to manually add time.

everhour timer

  1. If you head over to your Everhour dashboard, you will be able to manage your timesheets, check what you’ve been working on, and create detailed reports.

everhour dashboard

In case you have additional questions regarding Everhour, you can reach out to their support or send an email at team@startinfinity.com.