Google Calendar Integration

With your Google Calendar integration, you will be able to connect any Infinity calendar with the Google Calendar of your choice.

Below you will find the exact steps on how you can achieve this.

How to integrate Infinity with Google Calendar

In order to sync your data from Infinity to Google Calendar, and vice versa, you will need to use the Calendar view inside Infinity.

Once you are in your Calendar view, you will be able to customize this view to make sure you are working with the exact data you need to sync. This means you will be able to use our Filter function to filter out only certain items you will be syncing. You will also be able to decide whether you are showing only a certain date or a date range (or time range) on your calendar.

To start the syncing process, you will need to click the ‘Sync’ option above your Infinity calendar.

You will then see a modal with options for iCalendar and Google Calendar. In the Google Calendar section, click ‘Connect’.

Infinity Google Calendar

In the new popup that appears, you will be presented with three options for syncing and the mapping settings.

Google Calendar Infinity Sync

Let’s focus on explaining the three options for syncing. They are:

  • Google to Infinity Sync
  • Two-way Sync
  • Infinity to Google Sync

The process of setting up the integration is the same for all three options, but the difference is in how they work. So let’s go through each option briefly.

Google to Infinity Sync will allow you to automatically sync data from your Google Calendar to Infinity. If you set this integration up, when you add a new event (or edit an existing one) in your Google Calendar, the changes will apply to your Infinity calendar automatically.

As its name suggests, Two-way Sync will allow you to synchronize your Infinity calendar with your Google Calendar in both directions. If you make some changes to your Infinity calendar, they will apply to your Google Calendar, and if you make some changes in your Google Calendar they will apply to your Infinity calendar.

Finally, if you choose Infinity to Google Sync, the changes you make in your Infinity calendar - whether that’s adding a new item or editing an existing event - will apply to your Google Calendar as well.

{primary} NOTE: Keep in mind that changing a filter in your Infinity calendar will not be automatically applied to your Google Calendar. If you decide to do so, you will need to disconnect your integration and set it up again (which will only take a few clicks).

Once you have chosen one of the three options for syncing, below you will be able to see the mapping settings and edit some of them.

Start Date, End Date and Title of your events will be mapped automatically, taking the existing dates you have in your calendar and the primary attribute as the title. When it comes to the Description, you will be able to choose whether you want to map it, and also choose which Long Text field you want as the description (if you have more than one).

Below that, you will be able to decide whether you want to sync only future events - which will be selected by default - or if you want to sync even the events from the past, in which case you will just need to ‘uncheck’ the checkbox on the left. In both cases, keep in mind that the limit for events that can be synced during the initial import is 3000.

After that, you can click ‘Sign in with Google’.

A new window will appear, where you will need to choose a Google account that you will be connecting to Infinity and log into that account. And after you do, you will need to authorize Infinity to access your Google account by clicking ‘Allow’.

In the next modal, you will need to choose the calendar to connect - whether it’s your primary calendar or any other calendar you have under your Google account.

Your calendars are now connected!

Note that the changes you make can take up to a minute to reflect in the other calendar, but in most cases, they will be almost instantaneous.

If needed, you will be able to connect multiple Google Calendars to your Infinity calendar. When you click on ‘Sync’ again you will be able to set up new connections or disconnect all current integrations that have been set up.

If you wish to review or disconnect your current connection, here’s how it works.

Click on the ‘Details’ area of your current connection and a new modal will open. This modal will let you review all the details of this connection, and at the bottom, you will see a ‘Disconnect’ button.

Google Calendar Connection Details

If you click on ‘Disconnect’ you will be prompted with a confirmation popup. Here, you will be able to choose whether to disconnect and keep all the items created as a result of the integration or if you want to remove them.

In the case of Two-way Sync you will have the following options selected by default:

  • Remove all synced items from your Google Calendar
  • Remove all synced items from your board

If you deselect these options and click ‘Disconnect’, all synced items will be saved (in both calendars).