Labels are one of the most used and popular attributes in Infinity—and for a good reason, too. Not only are they incredibly versatile, but you can also create your own sets of labels for different purposes.

For example, you can create a label attribute, name it Priority, and assign different labels to your items, such as "High', "Medium", or "Low". Or you can add a Status label to your items, and easily follow what needs to be done by tagging them as "To Do", "In Progress", or "Done".


Labels can be used for anything from tracking orders to client acquisition phases, and the best thing is that you can have as many sets of labels as you want.

When creating a new set of labels, you will first need to give the attribute a name (e.g. Status) and then customize the actual labels by naming them and picking out colors. To add more labels, just click the +Add New Label button.

{primary} NOTE: If you load a template, you will aleady have a label or two among your attributes. You can either use it as it is, edit it, or even delete it if you don't need it.

You will also get a couple of other options in the process of creating labels: allow multiple selection, allow creating new labels, and allow items to be empty (without a label).


Next to each label’s name, you will find a colorful button with an arrow where you will be able to choose a color.


When you are all ready, click Save.

Then, from the item modal or sidebar (or if you’re using the Table view, directly from your table), click on the label field and choose one of the options you created.

{info} TIP: To make the most out of your labels, make sure to combine them with filter, group, and sort options. That way, you'll be able to make your items easier to navigate, and more accessible.