Make It Simple With Infinity Templates

Kickstart your organization and simplify your work by choosing a template that was built for your needs.

Simple Templates

Simple Kanban

One of the most popular methods of task tracking is definitely the Kanban board. Simple yet powerful, this simple Kanban template will allow you to visualize your workflow and track your progress easily, no matter how many tasks and team members are involved. Add folders to the equation and classify your work into current sprint, backlog and archive. That way you’ll be able to keep your board tidy even if you have a lot of tasks on your hands.

Simple Task List

We all have different workflows and management systems, but when handling tasks, there’s something super appealing about a list. It just works. That’s why even the most evolved project management tools make sure to keep the list as one of the views. With this template, you can quickly shoot tasks out of your head until you’ve made a list and then customize them later. You’ll also be able to track progress easily by using folders and grouping.

Simple Calendar

Whether you’re organizing tasks and need to keep track of the deadlines, working on an editorial calendar, or just need to keep tabs on your appointments, a calendar will be of huge help. Upgrade this simple calendar template to fit your needs, and make sure to combine it with folders and other views to keep clutter away.

Simple Table

There’s a good reason why spreadsheet view is so popular - it allows you to see large sets of data and analyze them at a glance. Use Infinity’s simple table template to track tasks, goals, leads, finances and much more. With Infinity’s table, you won’t need to juggle between other spreadsheet tools to keep track of your data. Just fill in your table and combine this view with a list or with Columns to visualize your data in different ways.

Product Development

Product Roadmap

In product development, product roadmap is a crucial part of the process. It lays out the strategy and helps the stakeholders and the whole team understand the goals and what needs to be done to achieve them. With Infinity’s Product Roadmap template, you’ll be able to prioritize tasks, track progress and keep the product team on track to make sure everyone is working on features and updates that make the biggest impact. This template will give you the map of the whole process from epics to current sprint, along with goals, releases and documents all packed neatly inside folders. Within those folders, you’ll be able to use tabs to track task status, task priority, important dates, tasks by team members and much more.

Growth Experiments

Growth experiments are the basis for a successful growth hacking strategy. That’s why it’s important to have a carefully laid out repeatable process that will help you carry out those experiments from the brainstorming phase to the execution and analysis. Whether you’re building a product or doing growth for various clients, you’ll need a simple but powerful place where you’ll be able to note, plan, track and analyze the experiments your growth team is executing. Plus you’ll need it to be flexible enough to adapt to any kind of experiments you’re doing. Infinity’s Growth Experiments template will help you keep track of all your growth experiments and make sure they are aligned with your goals. In this template, you’ll be able to measure your experiments by funnel stage, potential impact, category, and many other details and you’ll be able to track the results through different views.

User Stories

With Infinity's User Stories template, you'll be able to document, track and monitor every piece of suggestion, feedback or idea you're getting from your customers or executives and furthermore turn into backlog notes, tasks and sprints. Use the User Stories template to fulfill the circle of your Product Development organization and stay on track of your customers' needs.

Project Management

Company Projects

In order to improve the company’s processes and grow your business, you will need to pay a lot of attention to internal company projects. These projects require just as much planning and manpower as external projects and they should be approached with the same focus and attention as all other business areas. Infinity’s company projects template will help you plan and organize all the aspects of these internal projects, such as project objectives, costs, human resources, schedules and anything else your internal projects need.

Business Roadmap

A strong and flexible business roadmap will help you and your team visualize the big picture when it comes to your business. In other words, it will help you and all the stakeholders understand the business goals and how to achieve them. With this Infinity template, you’ll be able to keep track of your business goals and strategies, divided across company departments so that each department knows their role in the upcoming projects and the timeline for working on these projects.

Project Tracker

Whether you’re managing internal projects, different clients, or the whole company, a project tracker will help you divide your projects into small steps that are easy to track and monitor. With a clear project tracker, you’ll always be able to know which projects you’re currently working on, what are the tasks related to those projects and who is responsible for what. With Infinity’s Project Tracker template, you’ll be able to follow a project from start to finish and easily track progress. And everyone on the team will know what tasks they need to do and how they fit into the whole project. That way, everyone will have a clear overview of their responsibilities.


Marketing Agency Client

Handling a lot of marketing clients, you'll be challenged to find the right toolset to keep track of each and every of your client's tasks, accounts, campaigns, strategies, channels, etc. If you're looking for a powerful, yet intuitive, smooth and feature-rich platform to support the processes and segments for your clients individually, Infinity will provide you all database, file-sharing, team collaboration, and task management use cases, in one place. Combine Infinity's powerful structuring capabilities to classify your clients' data using boards and folders, as well as multiple views to keep track of your metrics, stay up to date with your and your team's tasks, thoroughly organize your documents, articles and links, and have your posts and meetings scheduled at a glance. Shape your data with customizable fields like links, attachments, dates, and members and never worry about getting your marketing agency's data cluttered again.

Social Media Tracker

Being active on social media platforms is a great way to build your brand, a community or simply engage potential customers to your product. Once you're all set with the strategy, you're going to need a tool where you're going to thoroughly organize the content, publishing calendar, and most importantly, the results you're achieving on your social media pages and profiles. As Infinity offers a powerful toolset to achieve all of these, we've created a Social Media Tracker template in order for you to have the most amazing database where you could have an overview of the results and achievements you're making via social media presence.

Content Calendar

Creating a high-performing content strategy relies on multiple factors - content creation, editing, publishing, promotion across different channels and more. To be able to keep track of that whole process without missing a thing, you’ll need a tool that lets you keep it all in one place. Infinity’s Content Calendar template will help you manage your content from one point where everyone involved in the process will be able to keep track of it. Use this template to break down your content creation process into steps, assign tasks to team members, and set deadlines so that everything gets done in time. Whether you’re managing a company blog or writing content for different websites and organizing the whole content strategy, you’ll be able to adapt this Content Calendar template to your needs.

Marketing Plan

Creating an exhaustive marketing plan can be overwhelming for the whole team and it requires a lot of information that can be hard to track without the right tool. From marketing projects and campaigns to the KPIs and necessary budget - and all that combined with tasks and deadlines. With Infinity’s Marketing Plan template, you’ll be able to kickstart your marketing plan and add all the missing puzzle pieces to execute a masterful marketing strategy with your team. You’ll be able to track different categories of your marketing initiatives, measure the effort necessary to carry them out, monitor the progress and keep an eye on your team’s responsibilities. You’ll also be able to classify different aspects of your marketing plan into different folders and use various views, such as calendar and table, to easily manage the timeline and analyze the success of your marketing efforts.

Marketing Campaign

Coming up with new marketing ideas and initiatives is only the beginning. Once the creative part is over, you’ll need to make sure to create a clear plan for executing your marketing campaigns successfully. Organizing marketing campaigns is incredibly challenging since it covers many different factors - from defining the campaigns, marketing channels to audience sets and budget and many other details. And all these factors need to be tied together to make sure everything runs smoothly and nothing falls through the cracks. Infinity’s Marketing Campaign template will help you keep all this information in one place where you can easily track your campaigns and keep your marketing team in the loop. Using this template, you’ll be able to visualize your team’s progress, break down different campaign aspects into tasks and easily analyze the results.

Video Production

With Infinity's Video Production template, you'll have the place where you can store all your video projects, team members, clients and equipment you're using without getting cluttered. Organizing your video material, employees, clients, and equipment don't have to be scattered across multiple platforms. Save time and money on using one tool to upload, document, track and collaborate on your video projects.

Social Media Management

A strong social media strategy is important for building a highly engaged community. By consistently posting interesting and informative content on social networks relevant for your business, you’ll grow your audience and maintain a community of loyal fans who will be the biggest advocates of your brand. Social media management involves several elements that need to be accounted - the content ideas, the social media channels, the clients, the important dates and campaigns, and much more. And it’s crucial to have all those elements in one place and linked so you can have your social media campaigns running like a well-oiled machine. In Infinity’s social media management template, you’ll be able to clearly define all the elements that comprise a successful social media strategy, with folders to determine clients and posting schedule, but you’ll be able to upgrade this template by adding your own calendar, your content ideas, your team and anything else you want to add.


Order Tracker

Whether you’re the owner of an e-commerce website or you’re managing an actual physical store, you’ll need to make sure to keep track of the customer orders. Having a well-organized database of all the orders that go through your store is crucial for keeping tabs on the whole sales process. With Infinity’s Order Tracker template you’ll be able to streamline the ordering process and keep all the important information in one place. Track details such as the customer shipping addresses, product models sold, quantity of goods sold, shipping status, total prices of orders, arrival dates, and much more. With the Reference attribute, you’ll also be able to link your order tracker with the product inventory and thus keep all the information about products and sales in one place.

Sales Pipeline

If you want your sales process to run like clockwork, you’ll need a tried and true strategy that lets you keep track of all the important aspects. Infinity’s Sales Pipeline template will help you make sure that process runs smoothly every time. A good sales pipeline template needs to account for numerous different details. You’ll need to know who your leads are, what is their status, who is your person of contact, which team member is responsible for each particular lead. Plus you’ll have many other details such as dates, predicted amounts, metrics and so on. All of these elements need to be tied together in one place so your whole sales team can have a clear view of the plan. Use Infinity’s table to build a transparent and coherent CRM, link related information with references and keep track of important dates in the calendar.