How to Create Recurring Items in Infinity

If you have experience with automations, then you know that one common use case is creating new items on a recurring basis, i.e. recurring tasks. In Infinity, it’s possible to create a recurring item by using the trigger ‘Every Time Period’ and combining it with one of two actions: ‘Create an Item’ or ‘Create a Folder’.

Let’s see how this would work in practice.

To get started, click on the Automations button located right next to the Board Manager button.


Next, in the pop-up window, decide whether you want to build an automation from scratch or use one of the templates we created. In this tutorial, we’ll be creating one from scratch, so we’ll first click on the ‘Create Automation’ button.

In the new window, you’ll get to name your automation. You can just put ‘Recurring’ or anything else that comes to mind, but remember that it’s necessary to give it a name. Right beneath the name box, you’ll also see a sentence that will change as you change your triggers and actions.


The next step would be to click on ‘Add a Trigger’ and then choose ‘Every Time Period’.

In the first drop-down menu, you’ll get the frequency at which you want your items to recur. The options are as follows:

  • Daily → Additional options include selecting ‘Every Day’ or ‘Every Weekday’.
  • Weekly → You can pick the exact days of the week when you want the items to recur.
  • Monthly → You have the option to decide on which day of the month and in how many months you want the item repeated.
  • Yearly → Pick the month and the day of the month when you want the item to recur.

You can also enter the exact time when you want the item to begin recurring.

In order to complete our automation sentence, we’ll need to select an action. As we already mentioned, in this case, you’ll only be able to choose ‘Create a Folder’ or ‘Create an Item’, because for e.g. ‘Update Item’ you’d need an Item ID.

We’ll select ‘Create an Item’ in this instance, and then we’ll go ahead and pick a destination folder where our item will be created. Let’s say ‘Tasks’.

Beneath the destination folder drop-down, you’ll get a list of all the attributes available in that folder. Your item will have all of them, but you can fill out only the ones that you need.

When you’re done, click ‘Save Automation’. You’ll be able to view and edit your automation in the Manage section of the window, as well as turn it off and on, or delete it.


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