Infinity Plans and Payment Method

Infinity’s plans are very versatile and differ in several ways.

Firstly, you can choose between a yearly or a monthly subscription. On a yearly subscription, you will be able to save 25%.

Secondly, you will be able to select the size of your team. Our plans start from 3 members to 100 members. Or if you need a plan for more members and custom requirements, you can choose the ‘Custom’ plan and contact our sales team.

And finally, you can choose between the Basic and Pro plan. The main differences between these two plans are in the amount of storage, automation runs, activity log history, and of course the features that are included in each plan. More on those differences below.

{primary} NOTE: All plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee, which means that if you're not satisfied with your subscription, you can get your money back in 14 days from the moment of purchasing a subscription plan.

Basic vs Pro Features

Aside from storage capacity, number of members, automations, and activity log history, there are a few more differences between Basic and Pro plans.

So, let's go over the features you can expect if you opt for a Basic plan:

  • Views: Columns, Table, List, Calendar.
  • Attributes: Date, Checkbox, Long Text, Links, Members, Phone, Created By, Labels, Text, Checklist, Attachments, Number, Reference, Progress, Email, Created At, Vote.
  • Customization: Filters, Group, Sort, Sum, Multiple Select.
  • Collaboration/Permissions: Basic Permissions, Comments, Board Sharing, Notifications, Print/Export to PDF.
  • Automations: Reminders, IFTTT.
  • Integrations: Zapier, Trello, CSV Import, API, Google Drive, iCalendar.
  • Web & Mobile Apps: Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux.

If you opt for one of the Pro plans, you will get all the features from Basic plans plus:

  • Views: Gantt, Chart, Form.
  • Attributes: Custom ID, Formula, Rating, Custom Number.
  • Customization: Color Picker.
  • Collaboration/Permissions: Individual Permissions, Advanced Permissions, Folder Permissions, Public Board: Password, Public Board: Feature Image, Powered by Infinity (Disable option).
  • Automations: Recurring Items, Send Email, Form Submitted, Webhook, Assign ID.
  • Templates: Save as Template option.

You can check out all of the available plans and features on our pricing page.

In case you have any questions, you can get in touch with us via chat or

{primary} NOTE: The number of workspaces always remains the same, i.e. one. In case you decide you need more workspaces, you'll need to purchase an additional plan.

Payment Method

In Infinity, it's possible to pay for your subscription via a credit card. During the payment process, you'll be asked for the necessary details once you have picked out your plan and gone to the checkout page. Once you purchase a plan, you will receive a receipt to the email you used during the checkout process.

In case you need an invoice, as well, all you need to do is get in touch with us via email or chat, and one of our team members will send it to you.