How to Keep Boards Private

In some cases, you will want to keep some of the boards private and not share them with the rest of your team. Perhaps you will have some personal information you’d rather keep to yourself or account information that you don’t want others seeing.

Whatever the situation, keeping a board private is easy. All you have to do is avoid inviting anyone from your team to your board.

If your team members are not invited to a certain board, they won’t have access to it. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if they’ve been added to the entire workspace or other boards in that workspace.

Unless you specifically invite them to a board, they won’t even see it in their own dashboard.

How to Use Infinity as a Guest User

In Infinity, there’s an option for you to have guest users onboard by sharing a certain board with them. To read more about board sharing, head over to our Collaboration section.

If you’ve been invited to Infinity as a guest, you will receive a link from the owner of the Infinity account or one of their team members, which will take you to a certain board.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to create an account to open the board. However, you will have limited access to it, depending on the permissions the owner of the board granted you.

You will be able to browse the board and its contents, both folders and items, and even make some changes to it i.e. create new items.

You will also be able to leave comments for the owner of the board and their team members via the Comments section.

For any additional options, you will need to create your own account or contact the owner for more details.