Communication with your team members is one of the main things when it comes to successful projects and productive teams, which is exactly why we created Infinity’s Comments section.


The Comments section can be used to discuss ideas and plans with the rest of your team, help you keep each other posted on your progress, leave important feedback, and create notes for certain tasks/projects.

To access the Comments section, all you have to do is open up any of the items in your board, and then click where it says ‘Comments’ in the upper part of the modal/sidebar.

Comments come with a rich text editor, which means that you can format your text however you want, add links and images to it, as well as a variety of emojis.


You can also mention (tag) your team member in a comment for quick communication—they will receive a notification saying that they were mentioned in a comment and an email which will take them to the item and comment in question.

Whenever you add a new comment, it will generate a time and date stamp, so that you’ll know exactly when you wrote it.

You will also be able to to edit and delete comments when you see fit by hovering over the comment you wrote, as well as add reactions to any comments made by you or your team members.