For those dealing with a lot of files in their projects, the Attachment attribute will be one of the most valuable attributes in our database. Now you can have your tasks, important documents, reports, images and any other files you need in one place.

As is the case with other attributes, when you create an Attachments attribute it will appear in the item sidebar/modal. Then, simply click on the Add button, and then choose one of the three options available: paste a link, drag a file, or upload a file.

{primary} NOTE: When adding an attachment through a form, the attachment limit is 5MB. When adding it regularly as an attribute, the limit is 500MB.


You can attach more files to the same item following the same principle.

The Attachments attribute will look different in different views. In the Table view, you’ll see it as a small icon, with the file extension in the middle.

In the Columns view, you’ll see the entire image or preview you added. In the List view, the attachments will be visible, but they’ll be smaller.