If you’re working with projects involving sales, lead acquisition and CRM, you will probably want to include some numbers in your items. Infinity allows you to do this with its Number attribute.

When creating this attribute, you will be able to choose the format in which your numbers appear: integer, decimal, percentage, currency, or custom.


Keep in mind that integer is the only option that doesn't allow you to select precision for your numbers, whereas in currencies you can choose between dollars, euros, and pounds.

If you decide that the first four options on the drop-down are now working for you, e.g. in case you need to add your own currency or another unit, you can choose custom number.

Custom number allows you to enter any value you need (in the Unit field), as well as select the position of the number you enter.

Finally, in the modal/sidebar, you can also decide if you want to allow negative numbers, and if you want to have a default value.

Once the Number attribute is created, it will appear in your item, where you will be able to add and edit numbers when you need to.