If you’re working with a lot of clients or if you’re creating a database of leads and contacts, then having a field for emails is a must-have. Thankfully, Infinity comes with the Email attribute that allows you to have all of your emails listed neatly, in one place.

When creating this attribute, you will first choose a name for it and then decide if you need to fill out the Default Email field or not. Once you’re done, click Save and the attribute will appear in the item modal/sidebar.


You can add one email per item, so if you need to add more you’ll need to create another Email attribute or as many as you need.

In the Columns view, the Email attribute will have a small letter symbol next to it, while in Table and List views you’ll only see the full email.

{primary} NOTE: When you click on the email in an item, you will get the options to either send an email directly, or copy and edit the email address.