{primary} NOTE: 'Archive' was changed to 'Trash' since the making of this video. For more information about this feature, head over to this link.

What Is an Item?

Items are the fundamental units of Infinity and they will be the building blocks of your organization, management and collaboration.

Depending on the nature of your business, items can be anything you want them to be. They can be tasks, processes, information, events, files, leads and literally anything else you need for your work or personal projects.

The best part about Infinity items is that you can customize them in a wide variety of ways. You can apply different filters to them, assign team members, add links or attachments, mark the items as complete/incomplete and do a lot more that can be essential for highly effective project management.

How to Create a New Item

As you enter a board, you will get the option to choose a template with predefined demo items. But, if you’re building a board from scratch, you will need to create and customize items yourself.

Here’s how you’ll create a new item:

  • Find and click the gray button that says +Add New Item or +Add New Row. In certain views, you’ll only see the + sign.
  • A new empty item will appear.
  • Give your item a name by typing it in.


In Infinity, it's also possible to copy and paste lines of text from your e.g. notepad into your new or existing folders. That way, you can jot down any ideas you might have and quickly transfer them into your Infinity table or list.


{primary} NOTE: For security reasons, the copy/paste limit is currently 180 items per minute.

Adding Items in Different Views

As we mentioned, it’s important to note that in different views, item creation will function slightly differently. For example, in Columns, you will add a new item by clicking the button at the bottom of each column.

In the Calendar view, you will add an item by clicking the plus sign you'll find in each calendar cell. And, in the Table view, you will add a new button by clicking +Add New Row below the table.

In different views, your items will take different shapes. For example, in the List view, the items will be oblong, in the Kanban view, the items will resemble cards, while in the Calendar view, they will be shown as events scheduled for certain dates.


Opening Items: Modal or Sidebar

When you create your items, you'll be able to decide whether you want to customize them in a pop-up modal or a sidebar that opens to your right.



The modal is a great choice for anyone who wants to focus on working on one item uninterrupted, while the sidebar is great for people who want to work on an item while still having an overview of the other items in front of them.

You can switch between these two views seamlessly, whenever you want, by clicking on the small arrows in the upper left corner of your item.


{info} TIP: You can easily expand your sidebar by hovering over the left border and then dragging it to your left. You can return it to the original size just as easy.

How to Navigate an Item

Whenever you want to see the details of a certain item or customize it, it’s enough just to click on the item you want to explore. As you do that, the pop-up modal or sidebar will appear on your screen (depending on what you choose), as we mentioned.

You will be able to customize your item by creating and adding attributes to it. This is where Infinity’s flexibility really shines because there are infinite possibilities to customize your item.

You can learn more about these options in sections about Attributes and Customization options.

In your modal/sidebar, you'll also notice the sections Comments and Activity Log, which are meant to help you collaborate with your team in a better, hassle-free way.

To exit the sidebar/modal, just press the X symbol at the top right corner.

You can always change an item’s name by clicking on the item or in the sidebar/modal. And by clicking the three dots in the right corner of your item, you will see a few other options.


You can duplicate an item, add a new subitem, make an item recurring, copy its URL, export an item to PDF or delete the item altogether. When deleted, the item will be moved to Trash.

Moving Items to Another Folder

Moving items from one folder to another is incredibly simple in Infinity—all you need to do is drag and drop any of the items from one folder to another.

When moving items between folders, you'll be asked if you want to simply move them or move and merge them.


If you decide to just move your items, they will keep only attributes from their destination folder. Other attributes will be hidden.

If you decide to move and merge your items, they will combine attributes both from the new and their destination folder.

You can use multiple select to move more items to another folder.

Using Multiple Select on Your Items

In Infinity, it's possible to move or delete your items in bulk thanks to the multiple select feature. This can come in handy in case you need to move a number of items to a different folder (or another group of items) or delete unnecessary records from your folders all at the same time.


To use multiple select on your items, just hold CTRL (Windows users) or CMD (Mac users), and then click on the items you want to move or delete.

If you don't want to select items one by one, but rather more of them at the same time, hold SHIFT and then click on the items you require.

You can even combine SHIFT with CTRL or CMD in order to first select a larger number of items, and then only items one by one.


{primary} NOTE: This GIF was made prior to our changes in design. However, the action (how you select items) remains the same.

When you select your items, you'll notice a small box i.e. a pop-up at the bottom of your screen (see photo above).

Here, you'll see two options you can use: copy item URLs and delete items. Clicking on either of them will perform that specific action. If you want to move your items, simply drag and drop them to another folder or another group of items.

To deselect all your items, either press ESC or click on the small X in the pop-up at the bottom of the screen. If you want to deselect a specific item, hold CTRL or CMD and then click on that item.

{primary} NOTE: Our technical limit is 150,000 populated values per folder. If you start approaching this limit, you can expect performance issues on your board. Once you reach this exact limit, you will not be able to access your data. If this happens to you, please get in touch with our support team.