{primary} NOTE: The Reference attribute v2 was released in October 2020, and this article was updated around the same time.

With the Reference attribute, you will be able to link related items to one another within a board. When you add a reference to your item, clicking on it will bring up information about the item you linked the first one to.

How to Create a Reference

When creating a reference, you should first give it a name that reflects its purpose.

Next, pick a destination folder from which you'll be choosing the items for your new reference.


You can link to as many items as you want by clicking on the Add button in the sidebar/modal, but keep in mind that you'll only be able to reference items from the folder you chose.

In case you decide to reference items from another folder, you'll need to create a completely new attribute.

Whenever you create a reference attribute, a back reference will be automatically created in the folder you created. A back reference means that you'll be able to go back and forth between the items you referenced.

If you're using the Table view, you can also add a reference by clicking on the empty field next to an existing reference.


{primary} NOTE: When exporting a folder, you will only see the item ID in the exported table, not the name of the reference.

What you need to know is that filtering references is not possible in the same manner as it is with other attributes. When using filters, you can only select "Empty" or "Not Empty". Grouping and sorting, however, will work.

Migrating from Reference v1 to v2

In October 2020, we migrated to the new version of the Reference attribute, i.e. Reference v2.

In the migration, one important thing changed: when creating a reference, you now have to select a destination folder. In the first version, you only had to pick a name for your reference.

The only users affected by the migration were the ones who had references linking items from multiple folders. You can find more details about the migration in our Announcement section.