Public Boards

Sometimes, you will want to share your ideas and progress with your team members without inviting them to certain boards, or perhaps with clients or other collaborators not on your team. In these situations, our Public Board feature might just come in handy.

In Infinity, you can share any board you created in your workspaces with as many people as you like—even if they don’t have an Infinity account. This allows you to smoothly collaborate with different people and keep your tasks updated at all times.

How to Share a Board

To share a board, you’ll first need to click on the Board Manager button in the upper right corner of your board.


In the pop-up window, you'll want to select Share Board from the options to your left.

The first thing you'll want to do is make your board public.


Once you enable this option, you’ll have a couple of other things to decide on before you share your board:

  1. You can allow guest users to create and edit owning items in your board, in which case they will have a bit more access to a particular board.
  2. You can allow them to edit all items in a board.
  3. You can allow guest users to comment on items, in which case they won’t be able to create/edit items, just leave their feedback in the Comments section.
  4. You can allow them to be able to do all of the above by checking all options.

In this window, you can also choose whether you want them to be able to see the folder sidebar, and which feature image to use when you’re sharing the board.

Finally, decide whether you want to send your collaborators a link or if you want to embed the board on your website. The latter is useful e.g. when you have a public roadmap that you want your users to see, but don’t want to invite them to it.

Adding Password Protection to Boards

When sharing a board, you will be able to add password protection to it, meaning that anyone who tries to access it will first need to enter a password you set. This can come in handy in case the link to your board "ends up in the wrong hands" or anywhere you don't want it to be.

In the pop-up modal, right below the toggle for sharing your board, you will find the option to set a password.


Toggle the option 'Add password protection' and in the field below enter your new password. When you're done, click on the button 'Set New Password'.

Now, whenever you send someone a link to one of your boards, you'll need to send them that password as well.

If you wish to remove password protection from one of your boards, simply toggle the option off.

{primary} NOTE: Only the owner of a certain board can share it with other people and set a password.