Discover Infinity's Customization Options

A great project management tool should be your team’s largest database. After all, the point is to have everything in one place, right?

However, for large teams and complex projects, that database can become pretty enormous—and really fast.

When that happens, you'll want some help narrowing down your search or ordering items into different sections, and that's when our customization options will come into play.

How to Customize Your Work

In Infinity, it's possible to customize your views (and tabs) by using the following options on your items:

  • Filter—Help you single out specific data by creating filter formulas.
  • Group—Allows you to group your items by specific attributes.
  • Sort—Lets you change the order in which you see your items.
  • Customize—Helps you hide/show attributes from your views/tabs.


Keep in mind that filters and sorting can be used multiple times, while group can be used once per view.

You can edit any of these options whenever you like, and instantly change how you see your items.

{info} TIP: Try combining filters, groups, sorting, and customize to get really specific views, and always have exactly what you need at the tips of your fingers.

In addition to the four options, you can also change the colors of your boards, folders, and certain attributes, in case you want your data to look just a bit neater.