Export to PDF/Print

If you need a paper copy of your items or views for a report or any other purposes, you can easily export them to PDF straight from your board and print them out.

How to Export an Item

To export and print out any of your items, simply click on the three dots next to one of the items and then on 'Export to PDF’.


Once you do, the item will be exported in PDF format and you'll either get to download it or print it out.

{primary} NOTE: Keep in mind that the Button attribute won't be visible in the Print/PDF version of the item.

Bulk Export

If you want to export more items to PDF at the same time, use Infinity’s ‘Multiple Select’ option to select the items you want to export and then in the menu that appears, click on ‘Export to PDF’.


All the items will be exported in the same PDF file, and you can choose which ones you’d like to print out.

How to Export a View

To export and print a single view from your folder, just click on the three dots next to the view name and then 'Export to PDF’.


You will be able to export tabs exactly how you have customized them, as well as choose which attributes you want to export.

For tables, you'll get to decide how they will look in PDF (i.e. a row height that suits you).

{primary} NOTE: Exporting a view works for Table, List, and Columns views in Infinity.