Guide for Infinity Affiliate Partners

Infinity offers the possibility for you to join our affiliate program and earn additional income from promoting Infinity to others.

The concept is fairly simple: whenever someone purchases an Infinity plan via your link, you receive a 20% commission. Meaning that the commission you earn depends on the plan the other person purchases.

We pay out all of our affiliates during the first week of each month via Payoneer.

How to Become Our Affiliate Partner

Joining our affiliate program is incredibly easy:

  1. Go to the link:
  2. Fill out the necessary information, including first and last name, email, and password.


  1. When ready, click on the Sign Up Now button.
  2. In the next window, fill out the other requested information, such as your address, way of payment, etc.
  3. You will immediately get access to your dashboard.


  1. When we get your request, we will approve your email in our system and you will be able to obtain your affiliate link in the left sidebar, under Assets.
  2. You’re set!

From your dashboard, you’ll also be able to access conversions and commissions, as well as reports regarding your affiliate link (how many people purchased an Infinity deal through it, etc.).

To see your payouts, just head over to the section of the same name.

In case you notice some irregularities with your links or commissions, feel free to contact us via chat or send us an email to

How Can You Promote Infinity?

Believe it or not, becoming our partner and getting your affiliate link is the first (and easier) step towards earning additional cash for yourself. The next part requires you to actually promote Infinity to your audiences, and promote it well.

And that’s where things might get a bit tricky, if you’re not a seasoned affiliate.

Luckily, we have prepared a couple of ideas for you to get you started, and help you promote Infinity in such a way that will surely get you the income you want.

1. Leverage In-Depth Product Reviews

To this day, product reviews present one of the best ways to promote affiliate products, because not only are you able to get an in-depth analysis of the said products, but also because they actually show your audience that you’ve used the product you’re promoting.

Due to their length and the amount of detail, reviews are bound to garner interest and help you earn your affiliate money.


2. Add the Product to Your Resource Page

Another great way to promote affiliate products is to create a separate resource page for e.g. all the tools or software that you use, and then add the product you’re trying to promote to that page. People who land on this page will surely be interested in the tools you’re using.


3. Promote Products on Social Media

This is probably the most obvious way to promote your affiliate products, and the easiest one at that.

However, it can appear a bit spammy if you directly promote products on your favorite social channels, which is why it’s a good idea to create valuable content first (reviews, blogs, or resources) and then build social posts around that content.

4. Write a Product Tutorial or Create a Course

Sometimes, mentioning a product in your lists or creating a review won’t be enough to peak your audience’s interest. That’s where tutorials or courses can come in handy.

Through a product tutorial (which can come in the form of a blog post or a video), you can explain exactly how a product works, how easy it is to use it, and what benefits it offers to your audience.

The same goes for a course, except you can make it longer and split it into several parts. A course can also talk about specific use cases, e.g. “How to Use Infinity for Marketing” or something similar.

Course example:

5. Offer Rewards for Signing Up

Who doesn’t love rewards of some sort? This is definitely one of the most effective promotional tactics out there, and your audience will surely be happy to get additional benefits for buying a product. Our recommendation is to definitely give it a go, if you’re able to.

6. Do a Comparison Post, Product vs Product

Everybody loves good comparison posts or tables, so why not create one for the product you’re trying to promote? That way, your audience will be able to clearly see all the benefits and features of the affiliate product, and be more inclined to buy it.

Bonus idea: You can create a comparison table straight in Infinity, and then share the board with your audience. That way, they’ll see all the features in one place AND get a glimpse at how Infinity works.

7. Promote the Product Through Email

Who said email marketing is dead? If newsletters and emails are something your audience responds to, you can create a special campaign for the affiliate products you’re promoting. Include images, perhaps a short how-to, and benefits why this product will be great for them, and then send the emails out for a couple of weeks.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to promote your affiliate products, but we hope these will be a good starting point for you when it comes to promoting Infinity.

Which Marketing Materials Can You Use?

Need some materials to promote Infinity with? We’ve got you covered.


Or check out our full YouTube channel here.


Present Infinity through one of our numerous templates and show your audience how everything works.

Product Screenshots

Need a visual representation of Infinity? Not a problem, incorporate one of the screenshots below into your promotional efforts:






Alternatives Pages

If you’re going for a comparison post or an alternatives post, then don’t hesitate to use our alternatives pages:

Blog Posts & Guides

Pick one of our many blog posts for your Infinity promotion:

Or use one of the excerpts from our guides to do so:

Reviews Page

We also have a page dedicated to the reviews we received from our community and users:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we have received from our affiliates.

  1. Do I have to be an Infinity customer to become an affiliate? Technically, no. However, we do believe that having hands-on experience with our tool will help you promote Infinity better and earn more money along the way.

  2. Do I have to pay any joining fees? No, you don’t. Joining our affiliate program is completely free, as is receiving your payouts.

  3. When and how do I get paid? We pay out all our affiliates on the first of each month via Payoneer. When you sign up as our affiliate, you will get access to a platform where you’ll be able to see your payouts, reports, conversions, and more.

  4. I’m having trouble with my affiliate link. What can I do? In this case, please contact our support team via chat or at Kindly make sure that you have all the relevant information ready to share, so that they can help you out as quickly as possible.

  5. Do I get money for every purchase someone makes via my link? You don’t automatically get money for every purchase, but rather every purchase that passes our 14-day refund policy mark. This means that you get commission only if the person that purchased a plan didn’t refund it in the first 14 days.

  6. Where can I find my affiliate link? Once we approve your request, you’ll be able to find your link under the Assets section on your dashboard.