The Ultimate Product Management Framework to Help You Build the Right Product

As a product manager, you’re probably facing numerous challenges on a daily basis.

How to balance between short-term and long-term goals? How to keep all the stakeholders happy while delivering tasks on time and within budget? How to say no without causing a riot?

This ultimate product management framework will give you the knowledge and tools to help you build the right product and build it right. You will learn how to:

• Create an effective and actionable product strategy
• Build a reliable, predictable product creation process
• Find critical information exactly when you need it
• Keep your teams in-sync and focused on the big picture
• Work more effectively and deliver on time

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Product Management Framework Walkthrough

Here's What You'll Learn

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In this chapter, you’ll learn which disciplines fall under product management and we’ll also explain the difference between inbound and outbound product management and why that’s important. In this chapter, you will also learn the main roles and responsibilities of a product manager - the person in charge of the whole product creation process, from beginning to end.

• What Are Product Manager's Roles and Responsibilities
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In the second chapter, we’ll be talking about elements of product strategy such as product vision, target market and customer persona, product positioning, product differentiation, product goals and initiatives. But aside from learning about these elements, you’ll also learn how they all come together and how they give you the basis to build the right product.

• How to Define a Product Vision to Guide Your Team
• How to Define Your Target Market and Customer Persona
• Product Positioning - How Your Product Fits in the Market
• Product Differentiation - What's Your Competitive Edge
• How to Set Smart, Measurable Product Goals
• How to Set Actionable Product Initiatives
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In this chapter, you’ll learn how to get ideas for features to add to your product and how to define and prioritize these features objectively to make sure you deliver the most impactful ones first. And you’ll learn how to write user stories - the most important concept of agile product development.

• How to Get Ideas for Features
• How to Prioritize the Right Features
• What Are User Stories and How to Write Them
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In Chapter 4, you will learn about four types of tasks that go into the product backlog. You will learn the best method to prioritize your backlog tasks so you can deliver the most important requirements first. And you’ll learn the art of backlog refinement to keep your backlog clean and orderly, hence much easier to implement.

• Types of Product Backlog Tasks
• Task Prioritization with MoSCoW Method
• Backlog Refinement, aka Backlog Grooming
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In this chapter, you’ll learn how to make your Scrum events focused around the sprint more effective and productive. We’ll reveal what happens during the sprint planning meeting, daily Scrum meetings, sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives. And you’ll learn how you can successfully manage your sprints in Infinity.

• What Happens During Sprint Planning
• Managing Sprints in Infinity
• Why You Need Daily Scrum Meetings
• Sprint Review vs Sprint Retrospective
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What is the purpose of this framework?
With this product management framework we’ve set out to create the ultimate resource for product managers, product owners and business owners developing SaaS products.

Aside from offering theoretical knowledge on the most important concepts in product management from strategy to execution, this framework also provides practical tips and a comprehensive set of product management tools and templates that allow you to apply everything learned right away using a proven system.
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Who is this framework for?
This framework is written for product managers, product owners, business owners in the SaaS niche and anyone else building SaaS products.

Whether you’re building a product for the first time and need detailed guidelines, or you’re experienced in product management wishing to get some new, practical insights into the matter and make your teams more productive.
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How to best use this framework?
To make the most of this framework, we suggest you first create an Infinity account (if you don’t have one already) and create a new board using our Product Management template.

Throughout the Product Management Framework, you will find instructions on how to apply each step in the template so you can put your new knowledge to use right away and have your own product management framework by the time you’re done reading.
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