View Types

You don’t have to settle for one view. Infinity packs six different views (List, Columns, Table, Calendar, Gantt and Form) to match your every need.







Folder Structure

Infinity gives you more capacity and a powerful hierarchy that allows you to store and organize your data smarter and easily find everything. That way you can seamlessly organize complex projects and large teams.

Custom Fields

A truly great project management tool adapts to your workflow. Infinity provides versatile custom fields that let you shape your workspace exactly how you want.

Infinity vs. Trello

Infinity helps you work smarter, collaborate effectively and accomplish more.

10-Person Team Price $1200
Kanban View
List View
Table View
Calendar View
Folders and subfolders
Board overview
Custom Fields
Multiple Dates
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Switching to Infinity is quick and simple. Import your data from Trello into Infinity instantly and continue organizing where you left off.

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Teams Thrive When They
Work In Infinity

Before: Limited workflow full of constraints in Trello.

Now: Handling complex projects more efficiently in Infinity.

"We 100% recommend Infinity to anyone looking to expand their organization and customize it to their needs. I actually bought my own Infinity account outside of my work organization because I fell in love with the platform so much."

Joe Davis
Software Engineer at Emerson

Before: Having a hard time onboarding clients in other tools.

Now: Creating custom workflows suited to client's preferences.

"I highly recommend Infinity in terms of getting organized internally as well as collaborating with clients and team members. It's really valuable that you know that everybody have the overview what the project is and the stages for each task, it's invaluable for any business."

Rommel C. Caibal
Agency Owner at RCC Graphic Designs

Before: Missing advanced customization features in Trello.

Now: A fully customizable workflow that improved agency productivity.

"As soon as we explored all Infinity features, we started to change our workflow that is now much more productive. The most value is a full customization that we didn't experience in any tool before, and the customer support of course that is flawless."

Mladen Maksic
Founder and CEO at PlayMedia

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