If you’re used to working in Google Docs, whether it’s writing blogs, reports or anything else content-wise, or you want to create a Wiki or a Help Center, then you’re going to love Infinity’s Document view.

With our Document view, you’ll get to create documents (using Infinity’s Items) within each of your folders and easily edit them to your liking.

Let’s see how everything works.

How to Use the Document View

As is the case with our other views, there are two ways to create the Document view in Infinity: in a new tab in an existing folder or in a completely new folder in your board.

If you opt for option number one, you’ll just need to change the view to Document in one of your tabs using the view switcher. If you opt for option number two, you’ll get to select the Document view the moment you create a new folder.


Once you pick the Document view, you’ll be asked to select a Long Text attribute from the drop-down menu. If you don’t have a Long Text attribute in your board, you’ll need to create one in order to use the Document view. In the drop-down menu just click on “Create Description".


When you’ve created a Long Text attribute, you’ll need to click on "Create New Item” in the new column that appears right next to the folder sidebar.

Keep in mind that each item represents a document which you can edit. You can create as many items (and subitems) as you need within one folder.

Just like in other views, you can name your item, add more attributes to it, subitems, etc. However, all the editing will be happening within the Long Text attribute.


You also have the option to Filter and Group and Sort your documents, the same way as you would items in other available views.

Print, Share And Publish Documents

Once you’ve created your Documents, you will see a couple of options in the bar right beneath the tabs:


Add a Cover

As the name states, this option allows you to add a cover to each of your documents. When you click on the button, you will see a drop-down menu with cover attributes i.e. with any Attachments attributes you have in your board. In case you don’t have a cover attribute, you’ll be able to add it by clicking on +Add Cover Attribute.


Print Documents

By clicking on this button, you’ll get to export your document in PDF format and then easily print it out. To learn more about our Print/Export to PDF feature, click here.

Share Documents

If you want to share your document with someone in your team or a collaborator, you can quickly do so by clicking on the ‘Share’ button. Once you toggle on ‘Share This Document’, you’ll get a link which you’ll be able to send to anyone you like.

If you want them to view the document without the option of editing, select ‘Read Only’. If you’d like them to collaborate with you, choose ‘Read and Write’.


Add Comments

Clicking on the ‘Comments’ button will open up the comments of a certain document/item where you’ll get to leave relevant comments or have discussions with team members. Learn more about comments in Infinity here.

Document Settings

The ‘Settings’ button can be found in the bar where Filter, Group, and Sort options are.

By clicking on this button, you’ll get a drop-down menu with the following settings:


  1. Document Attribute - Here, you can choose for each item/document which Long Text attribute you want to use for the Document view. If you only have one for the entire board, that’s what you’ll see. If you have a couple, you’ll get to select the one you want.

  2. Author Attribute - This option lets you add an author to your documents. While using the ‘Members’ attribute is the obvious choice here, it’s also good to note that you can use ‘Created By’, which will automatically add the creator of the document/item in question.

  3. Date Attribute - If you want to have a date displayed on your document, you’ll get to select it here. It can by any date in your board, e.g. Last Updated or Date Added. However, you can also use the attribute ‘Created At’, which will automatically add the date when the document was created.

  4. Cover Attribute - We already mentioned that you can add a cover to all of your items. Here, you can select which cover you want to use, depending on how many Attachments attributes you have in your board.

Publishing the Document View

The ‘Publish’ option will come in handy if you’re building a wiki, SOP, Help Center, a blog, or any other type of document that you want to make public.


Here’s how to publish your documents:

  • Click on the ‘Publish’ button.
  • Toggle on ‘Publish the Documents’.
  • Once you do, you’ll get to choose the layout for your published docs: Web Layout or App Layout.
  • Copy the link in the ‘Shareable Link’ field and add it to where you need to or send it to someone who needs to access it.
  • In this published view, you can also decide if you want to use a Light or Dark mode.