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Teams Thrive When They
Work In Infinity

Before: Limited workflow full of constraints in Trello.

Now: Handling complex projects more efficiently in Infinity.

"We 100% recommend Infinity to anyone looking to expand their organization and customize it to their needs. I actually bought my own Infinity account outside of my work organization because I fell in love with the platform so much."

Joe Davis
Software Engineer at Emerson

Before: Having a hard time onboarding clients in other tools.

Now: Creating custom workflows suited to client's preferences.

"I highly recommend Infinity in terms of getting organized internally as well as collaborating with clients and team members. It's really valuable that you know that everybody have the overview what the project is and the stages for each task, it's invaluable for any business."

Rommel C. Caibal
Agency Owner at RCC Graphic Designs

Before: Missing advanced customization features in Trello.

Now: A fully customizable workflow that improved agency productivity.

"As soon as we explored all Infinity features, we started to change our workflow that is now much more productive. The most value is a full customization that we didn't experience in any tool before, and the customer support of course that is flawless."

Mladen Maksic
Founder and CEO at PlayMedia

Organize Everything In One Place

Social Media Calendar

Manage your content ideas, social media channels, clients, important dates and campaigns all in one place.

Project Tracker

Divide your projects into small steps that are easy to track and monitor and assign responsibilities to your team.

Growth Experiments

Powerful and flexible place where you’ll be able to note, plan, track and analyze your growth experiments.

Event Planning

Keep tabs on all things necessary for preparing and executing an event, from scheduling to budget and team roles.

Marketing Campaign

Define, plan and track your marketing campaigns in one place and make sure they run smoothly throughout.

Habit Tracker

Motivate yourself to stick with positive habits. Easily track your progress and be kind to your body and mind.

Marketing Agency Client

Track and organize all processes for your marketing agency clients - from big projects to small everyday tasks.

Business Roadmap

Keep track of your business strategies, divided across company departments so everyone knows their role.

Workout Planner

Plan and track your exercise sessions, track your progress and achieve better results with your workouts.

Finances Tracker

Easily keep track of all your income sources and your expenses, and how it all adds up at the end of each month.

Sales CRM

Keep track of all the important aspects of a sales pipeline - leads, opportunities, meeting dates, contacts, etc.

Marketing Management

Coordinate a marketing department - manage tasks, projects, campaigns, SEO, content and marketing channels.

Employee Onboarding

Help your new hires get up to speed and create a standardized onboarding process for all new employees.

Employee Database

A single place to store and update all the information about your employees, from their role to their birthday.

Video Production

Plan your video projects, keep track of the equipment and collaborate with your team - all in one place.

Content Calendar

Break down your content creation process, assign tasks and set deadlines so that everything gets done in time.

Course Planning

Perfect for teachers, this template will help you organize your courses and even prepare lesson plans.

My Freelance Business

One place to manage all aspects of your freelance business - from tasks and leads to finances and metrics.

Book Tracker

Create a visual reading list, keep track of the books you’re currently reading and bookmark your favorite parts.

Product Management

Everything you and your team may need to build the right product and build it right - from strategy to sprints.

Meetings Calendar

Plan and manage your meetings in one coherent calendar so you never miss an important meeting again.

Product Roadmap

Use this template to define features and plan releases, prioritize them, track development status and progress.

Agile Development

Quickly set up your agile development process. Manage your backlog, plan and execute your sprints.

Order Tracker

Streamline the ordering process in your e-commerce store with a detailed database of all the orders you receive.

It's Easy To Start Building

Powerful Features To Help
You Manage Your Business

Custom Attributes

Infinity has 15 custom attributes that you can combine to create any type of data.

Multiple Views

Switch between four different views to
fit every purpose.

Columns View
Table View
Calendar View
List View
Infinite Structure

Structure your data into a meaningful
hierarchy that lets you grow.


Adapt the system to your needs with Infinity’s
versatile customization options.


Infinity allows you to collaborate effectively
with your team in real time.


Import your data easily or link your favorite
apps with Infinity.

…and much more coming soon!

Web & Mobile Apps

No matter where you are, Infinity stays in
sync across all of your devices.

We Have Ambitious Plans
For The Future

Coming Soon




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