Top 15 Gantt Chart Software for Entrepreneurs and Project Managers

By Hazel Pan Mar 31, 2020

Back in the early 19th century, when Henry Gantt invented a project management scheduler that would later on become what we know as the Gantt chart, he probably didn’t have a clue of just how much it would change throughout the years and how many people would be using it.

Gantt’s idea was to illustrate a project’s overall schedule by mapping timelines of tasks, subtasks, and how their deadlines overlap. This visual overview was meant to help managers judge how long a project would take, determine what resources they’ll need, and in what order tasks should be completed.

Initially, Gantt charts were used by the military during World War I, and in those days, they were drawn by hand. Nowadays, however, things are a bit different and technology has ensured that businesses no longer need to draw everything like Mr. Gantt used to.

Modern Gantt charts offer a variety of cool features these days, including advanced filters and color-coded bar charts, and a lot of teams turn to them in order to manage their tasks and deadlines with more ease. So, if you need a visual way to help you manage your team’s deliverables, then Gantt chart software might be just for you. 

However, picking out the right software might not be as simple as you think, which is why we decided to lend you a helping hand by researching and comparing the best ones that we could find online. 

In the text that follows, we’ll talk about top 15 Gantt chart software, along with their features overview and starting prices, so you can make an educated choice for your team.

15 Gantt Chart Software to Help You Boost Your Business

1. Infinity

Infinity Gantt Chart Software

Infinity is a customizable project management tool that comes with a built-in Gantt chart software. And while Infinity is a complete multipurpose app for managing multiple projects with teams, having a built-in Gantt chart view, among others such as lists and columns, offers greater flexibility in task management styles.

The Gantt chart gives you an overview of your team’s tasks, progress, and schedules in an easy-to-digest, visual format, making assigning tasks and adjusting deadlines far easier than you’d imagine. In case you want to adjust the start and end dates, you can simply drag and drop the task bars on the Gantt chart.

Color coding each bar by status makes it easier to see your team’s progress at a glance. Each bar also includes a picture of your assignee, so you’ll also immediately see who’s in charge of a task that’s left undone.

Although Infinity’s Gantt chart software may look simple at first sight, clicking the task bars will actually give you a pop-up that shows all the attributes and data that you can edit and save for each task. Plus, seeing that Infinity is fully customizable, you can set a number of attributes (text, date, checkbox, currency, etc.) and even create custom filters so you can hide other data and view only those that you need.

You can build and customize everything from scratch or roll with the workflow templates that are already available in Infinity. Templates that work best with Gantt charts include product development, business roadmap, and project management, so you can start there if you opt for Infinity.

Infinity Features:

  • Mobile App Available in iOS and Android
  • Customizable Templates
  • Task List View
  • Kanban View
  • Table View
  • Calendar View
  • Color Coding
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Access Permissions
  • Task Dependencies
  • Reschedule Dependencies
  • Advanced Sorting & Filtering
  • Comment Threads
  • Assign Tasks
  • Mention Team Members
  • Deadline Reminders
  • Get Notifications
  • View Activity History
  • Third-Party App Integrations
  • Data Import and Export


Starts at $149 one-time payment for the Team Plan, which provides you with one workspace, 10 collaborators, and 50GB of storage (all features included).

2. ClickUp

ClickUp Gantt Chart Software

ClickUp is another real-time collaboration tool with built-in Gantt chart software. However, the Gantt chart view can only be accessed by paid users. 

With the ClickUp Gantt chart, you can adjust timelines through drag-and-drop, then color code tasks based on status. The colors per taskbar gradually darken to account for the progress made in each task, while hovering over the taskbar displays the actual progress percentage. 

Each task (parent task) can have nested subtasks, and you can easily link between tasks and task dependencies using the drag-and-drop option. As you complete each subtask, the progress bar for their corresponding parent task is automatically updated. 

All of this makes getting a visual overview of timelines and task progress a whole lot easier. 

Finally, once the visuals get a bit messy, you can opt to review your task hierarchies in simple text format and edit details from there via an optionally viewable sidebar. 

ClickUp Features:

  • Mobile App Available in iOS and Android
  • Third-Party App Integrations
  • Drag-and-Drop Chart
  • Customizable Templates
  • Schedule Task Deadlines
  • Visualize Task Dependencies
  • Progress Percentage Calculator
  • Compare Planned Versus Actual Deadlines
  • Group Rescheduling
  • Color Coding
  • Reschedule Dependencies
  • Advanced Sorting & Filtering
  • Cascading Views To See Task Hierarchy
  • Deadline Reminders
  • Notifications
  • Recurring Tasks


Unlimited Plan starts at $5 per member per month. Free plan is available.

3. Airtable

Airtable Gantt Chart Software

Airtable is a powerful database that looks like a spreadsheet and is also fully customizable via drag-and-drop. It comes with a mean learning curve though, and you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan to access its Gantt chart software feature.

It starts as a default “base” that you can choose to add features to in the form of applets called “Airtable blocks”. Upgrading to the Pro plan gives you more capacity for customization, and this includes the use of Airtable blocks.

Airtable’s Gantt chart block allows you to view task timelines, dependencies, and progress through drag-and-drop taskbars, color coding, and linking arrows. To set it up, you will need to fill up the essential per task details in Airtable’s spreadsheet view, which is the start and end date. From here, you can as assignee, status, and other optional details.

Once done, this automatically populates into a Gantt chart timeline.

Airtable Features:

  • Mobile App Available in iOS and Android
  • Third-Party App Integrations
  • Drag-and-Drop Chart
  • Customizable Templates
  • Schedule Task Deadlines
  • Export & Print  Gantt Charts
  • Airtable Blocks 
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Commenting
  • File Attachments
  • Customize Formatting
  • List View
  • Table View
  • Kanban View
  • Calendar View


Starts at $10 per user per month for the Plus Plan, which is billed annually. Free plan is also available.

4. Wrike

Wrike Gantt Chart Software

Given that Gantt chart software may seem intimidating at first to the majority of people, Wrike has made sure to create an easy-access, interactive onboarding for its users.

Instead of having to read through a bunch of text or watch video tutorials, you can tinker around with a demo version of the app as tooltip boxes walk you through each step. From Wrike’s onboarding, you’ll see that you can automatically populate tasks into the Gantt chart by entering the task details into a table viewable in a sidebar. 

You can also edit timelines and task dependencies via drag and drop and even execute actions in bulk.

Wrike has a free plan that comes with the board and spreadsheet view. From here you can manage tasks, share files, 2GB of storage space, and keep track of all activity with 4 other users. To access ready-to-use templates and the Gantt chart software, you’ll need to move up to the paid plans.

Wrike Features:

  • Mobile App Available in iOS and Android
  • Third-Party App Integrations
  • Interactive Onboarding
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  • Task Dependencies
  • Dynamic Timeline & Updating
  • Import Tasks From Microsoft Project
  • Real-Time Team Collaboration
  • Visualize Project Timelines
  • Adjust Task Durations Via Drag And Drop
  • Automatic Team Notifications
  • Print Gantt Charts
  • Customizable Templates


Starts at $9.80 per user per month for the Professional Plan. Also includes a full trial of Wrike Proof.

5. TeamGantt

TeamGantt Gantt Chart Software

TeamGantt is a project management tool that allows teams to collaborate in real-time via drag-and-drop Gantt charts.

Creating your Gantt timeline with TeamGantt is pretty standard, with the same drag-and-drop function to let you adjust task timelines and dependencies. You’ll also get to use email reminders and filters for viewing tasks, workload, or progress per team member.

It even comes with an undo feature in case you make a wrong drop. TeamGantt also allows for color coding and tasks nesting. 

A quick observation worth noting: If you edit a parent task, expect your inbox to overflow with notifications from all its other subtasks! Other than that, TeamGantt has pretty much all the features you need especially if you need to  do project feasibility reports or provide real-time updates of each team member’s productivity. 

These capabilities make TeamGantt a useful tool to have when you need to constantly pitch projects or report updates to your team, supervisors, or clients.

TeamGantt’s free version allows you and 2 other members to collaborate with one Gantt chart. The Standard plan gives you more Gantt charts to work with, while the Advanced plan (which costs twice as much) gives you a time and resources tracker.

TeamGantt also comes with a mobile app version, which lacks a Gantt chart view, but lets you collaborate with team members even while on-the-go. 

TeamGantt Features:

  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling
  • Undo Feature
  • Task Dependencies
  • Color Coding
  • Filtering
  • Custom Project Templates
  • Project History & Undo
  • Workload Forecasting
  • Hourly Resource Estimation & Dependencies
  • Daily Email Reminders
  • Simple Task List Views
  • Time Tracking
  • File Attachments & Sharing
  • Task Commenting
  • Export as PDF
  • Web and Mobile Versions Available (Android and iOS)


Starts at $7.90 per month per person for the Standard Team plan. 14-day free trial included with unlimited projects.

6. Redbooth

Redbooth Gantt Chart Software

Redbooth is a Gantt chart software that comes with a unique timeline overview report, which lets you manage multiple workspaces from a single timeline. This feature is very handy when you need to plan resources and deadlines for different projects or clients.

Another unique feature, called Redbooth Predict, uses your data to make automatic recommendations such as which user can best complete a task and when is the best deadline for it.

Redbooth’s free version gives you 2 workspaces, 2 users, and up to 2GB of storage. Accessing the paid plan gives you an in-app time tracker, unlimited workspaces to work with, and more advanced features. 

Redbooth Features:

  • Assistive Recommendations via Redbooth Predict
  • Multiple Workspace Timeline Overview
  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling
  • Tasks Color Coding
  • Task Dependencies
  • Filtering
  • Time Tracking
  • File Attachments & Sharing
  • Exportable Gantt Charts
  • Calendar
  • Workload Forecasting
  • Trend Reports
  • Team Communication
  • Comment Threads
  • OneDrive for Business Integration
  • Ready-To-Use Templates
  • HD Video Meetings
  • Web and Mobile Versions Available (Android and iOS)


Pro Plan starts at $9 per month per user per month when billed annually. This comes with unlimited workspaces, time tracking, and HD video meetings.

7. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 Gantt Chart Software

If you’re a business owner who only wants to use one software for everything, then Bitrix24 is your tool.

You can easily manage project overviews and timelines using Bitrix24’s free, built-in Gantt chart all while in the same interface with its team inbox, project management, and CRM features.

It’s important to note that while Bitrix24 was one of the pioneering multipurpose business apps in its heyday back in the early 2010s, a lot has happened since then. So, while today Bitrix is still pretty much a powerhouse its user interface design looks outdated compared to today’s more modern apps.

User experience is also a bit clunky, relies heavily on manual input, and is prone to the occasional glitches and lag.

In terms of how comprehensive its functionality is, Bitrix24 doesn’t lack anything that other Gantt chart software have. And what it lacks for in updated looks, it makes up for in the sheer number of add-ons and features that it has for such a deal price.

Bitrix24 Features:

  • Multiple Gantt Charts
  • Task Dependencies
  • Kanban Board
  • Workload Planning
  • Ready-to-Use Templates
  • Automatic Task Creation via Bitrix24 Visual Business Process Designer
  • Document Management with Bitrix Drive
  • Workflow Automation
  • Checklists
  • Task Management
  • Client Management via Built-In CRM
  • Team Inbox
  • Team Meetings
  • Time Tracking
  • Built-In Ticketing & Helpdesk System
  • Social BPM
  • Efficiency Report
  • Chat, Audio, & Video Calls
  • HD Video Meetings
  • Web, On-Premise, and Mobile Versions Available (Android and iOS)


Starts at $24 per month for 2 users. Free plan is available.

8. Agantty

Agantty Gantt Chart Software

Agantty is a completely free, cloud-based software that provides unlimited Gantt charts for teams of any size.

Agantty’s clean and modern look will make it easy for you and your team to have a simple overview of each other’s task and progress and schedules. You can also manage who can edit and see the tasks assigned with its rights management.

Agantty only comes in a timeline and list view, and to modify task timelines, you need to press ALT while you drag and drop. You can create as many projects and add as many team members as you need, all for free. 

The company has a strong data protection policy and are publicly declaring that their servers are housed in Germany and are thus covered by German data protection regulations (BDSG).

At the moment, the app is still in development and missing features such as self-hosting, mobile app and API, but according to their website, Agantty plans to release extensions such as time tracking, templates, and more to try and make some revenue in the meantime.

Agantty Features:

  • Unlimited Gantt Charts
  • Drag And Drop Scheduling
  • Task Dependencies
  • Bulk Edit Taskbars Via Multiselect
  • Keyboard Controls
  • Filter By Project Or Team
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Task Overview
  • Team Collaboration
  • Color Coding
  • Reminders
  • Checklists
  • Export As PDF
  • Web Version And Desktop App Available For Microsoft


Agantty is free. Extensions cost extra depending on function.

9. InstaGantt

InstaGantt Gantt Chart Software

InstaGantt is a cloud-based Gantt chart software designed to work best when integrated with Asana, so this is a convenient choice if your team manages tasks with Asana.

InstaGantt offers unlimited worksheets and projects, and also works via drag-and-drop so it’s easy for you to set up. Typical Gantt chart features such as progress tracking, color customization, and task dependencies are included. 

You can also estimate project durations, manage workloads, and measure estimated time and costs versus how much time and money you’ve actually spent on a project.

InstaGantt Features:

  • Task Dependencies
  • Workload Management
  • Optimized For Asana
  • Risk Planning
  • Set Priority Status
  • Budget Management
  • Track Estimated Hours Versus Actual Hours
  • Team Collaboration
  • Progress Tracking
  • Publish Sharing
  • Set Access Permissions
  • Export Your Data Into A Spreadsheet, Image, or Keynote Embed
  • Web Version Available


Starts at $7 per month for the Single User plan. Free plan available.

10. Gantter

Gantter Gantt Chart Software

If you love Google and you’re looking for a Gantt chart software that can easily integrate with your Google Drive or G Suite, then your search ends with Gantter.

Gantter is a cloud-based software inspired by Google’s user interface that allows multi-party real-time editing. Just like in any Google software, it has built-in analytics for projects, tasks, and finances, and comes with hundreds of templates that you can choose from so you can start as soon as you sign up.

Gantter comes with two different views: timeline and calendar. It can also update both your calendar and Google calendar in real time and notify you when you’ve been assigned a task, which can also be marked as complete through your Google calendar.

Choose from any of the community-generated Gantter templates to get you started. Pretty soon, you’ll be navigating Gantter as easily as you would any Google app.

Gantter Features:

  • Gantt Chart Software Optimized for Google Apps
  • Community Generated Template Library
  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling
  • Bulk Editing
  • File Management
  • Task Tracking
  • Cost Tracking
  • Resource & Workload Tracking
  • Built-In Analytics
  • Risk Management
  • Build And Compare Baselines
  • Task Dependencies
  • Dynamic Updating Based On Task Dependencies


Starts at $5 per month per user. A single subscription works for all three editions of Gantter. 30-day free trial is included.

11. Omniplan

Omniplan Gantt Chart Software

OmniPlan is a project management software with a built-in Gantt chart feature that’s designed specifically for Mac and iOS users.

The Standard Plan comes with basic management tools such as Gantt charts that come with automatic leveling, task lists, filtering, and task prioritization. Multiple baselines help you keep track of changes in timelines and much more.

While having an Apple-exclusive app sounds good, you should know that OmniPlan requires a separate one-time payment for Mac and iOS users, which means you would have to pay twice to be able to install the software in both desktop and mobile.

If you plan on trying it out, you can take OmniPlan’s two-week free trial offer to see if it fits with your needs.

Omniplan Features:

  • Mobile App Available for iOS
  • Drag-and-Drop Gantt Chart Builder
  • Touch Bar Support
  • Dark Mode
  • Catch Up
  • Keyboard Support
  • App Lock for iOS
  • Filtering
  • Violation Resolution
  • Leveling
  • Split Tasks
  • Critical Path
  • Export
  • Multiple Baselines
  • Network Diagrams
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Smart Scheduling
  • Multiple Baselines
  • Critical Path
  • Task Management
  • Automatic Leveling
  • Split Tasks
  • Violation Resolution
  • Spotlight Search
  • View Filtering
  • Printing & AirPrinting
  • Export Options
  • Hardware Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Document Syncing
  • AppleScript Support
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Multi-Project Dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Multi User Project Sync
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Microsoft Project Support
  • Resource Load Sharing
  • Auto-Effort Estimation


Starts at $199.99 for Mac and $99.99 for iOS. 

12. Proofhub

Proofhub Gantt Chart Software

ProofHub is an all-around management software that comes with an affordable payment plan that’s suitable for teams of any size.

Payment is billed monthly to a single user who can have unlimited projects and invite unlimited users to collaborate with in the Ultimate Control plan. The Essential plan allows for 40 projects, up to 50 users, 15GB of storage, and access to its core features.

Proofhub’s Gantt charts give you a real-time overview of everyone’s workload, tasks, and progress. 

You’ll get a real-time in-app communication tool, a quick view dashboard, file management, note taking, in-app proofing, and timesheets.

ProofHub is cloud-based and also comes in a mobile app version that enables everyone to stay updated both in and out of the office.

ProofHub also offer integrations with these apps:

  • Freshbooks
  • Google Calendar
  • iCal
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive

Proofhub Features:

  • Gantt Chart View
  • In-App Proofing
  • White Labeling
  • Kanban Boards
  • Task Management
  • Multilingual Support
  • Timesheets
  • Reporting
  • Real-Time Chat
  • File Management
  • Notes Management
  • Activity Logs
  • Customizable Project Templates
  • Send Tasks To Email
  • Advanced Search
  • IP Restriction
  • Notifications
  • Request Forms
  • Calendar View
  • Comment Threads
  • Available in Android And iOS


Starts at $45 per month for the Essential Pack, billed annually.

13. GoodGantt

GoodGantt Gantt Chart Software

GoodGantt is a Gantt chart software made specifically for Trello. So, if your team is using Trello for project management and wants to add a Gantt chart view which Trello currently lacks, this app is a good choice for you.

It also comes with the expected basic features such as: 

  • Task dependencies
  • Groups customization
  • Overview of stats and progress
  • Change indicators 
  • Milestone setting

You can install GoodGantt for free with Google Chrome and your Trello will automatically upgrade to a Gantt-Kanban view.

GoodGantt’s $4.99 per user per month plan gives you a time tracker integration and the capability to view task estimates and team availability.

It’s important to note that GoodGantt is a recently-released software, so if you have some ideas on how to improve the software, you can head on to its website, click the Roadmap button, and suggest improvements and features that you’d want to see on the public Trello board.

GoodGantt Features:

  • Native Trello Integration
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Mobile App Available for iOS And Android
  • Task Management
  • Progress Tracking
  • Kanban Board View
  • Availability Panel
  • Task Dependencies
  • Task Grouping
  • Time Spent Statistics
  • Milestone Setting
  • Change Indicators
  • Hotkeys


Standard plan starts at $2.99 per month per user. Free plan is available.

14. Tomsplanner

Tomsplanner Gantt Chart Software

Tom’s Planner was born out of frustration over two things:

  1. Expensive project management tools with features you wouldn’t be able to fully utilize,
  2. Gantt chart software that takes forever to learn.

Tom, the founder of Tom’s Planner, decided that it was time to create a middle ground where people can easily create Gantt charts and collaborate with other people, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Tom’s Planner provides the basic features of a Gantt chart. So, that means being able to see the nitty gritty of each team member’s tasks from yearly view down to the minute.

The zoom in and out feature gives you an overview of each project so you can spot bottlenecks before your team misses deadlines. Tom’s Planner also includes task dependencies and provides a wide range of ready-to-use, customizable templates for personal or work needs. 

It also enables you to import projects and export Gantt charts to and from Excel, MS Project, Trello, and Basecamp.

Tomsplanner Features:

  • Drag-and-Drop Gantt Charts
  • Flexible Progress Tracking
  • Progress Percentage
  • Color Coded Time Blocks
  • Dynamic Project Timeline Overviews
  • Task Dependencies
  • Filter And Search Functionality
  • Customizable Templates
  • Print Gantt Charts
  • Import Projects From Excel, MS Project, Trello, And Basecamp
  • Export Gantt Charts To Excel, MS Project, PDF, CVS, Or Image File
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Unlimited Email Support


Starts at $9.95 per month for the professional plan (based on an annual subscription). 14-day free trial available.

15. Ganttpro

Ganttpro Gantt Chart Software

GanttPro is a user-friendly Gantt chart software that comes complete with tools for resource management, cost, and budget planning. And if you’re using Jira for managing your projects, you’ll be glad to know that GanttPro comes with native integration for Jira.

In terms of interface, GanttPro also comes with a board and list view, so you can view your team’s workflow in text format. You also get ready-to-use templates, thread commenting, file attachments, and real-time notifications in-app. 

Some more examples of what you can do with this app:

  • Manage your team’s workload,
  • Customize working days,
  • Manually log in time spent on tasks and projects,
  • Create reports based on data inputted by other team members,
  • Share Gantt charts with clients using a secret public link.

Currently, GanttPro offers flexible payment plans for students, university or school, and non-profit organizations.

Ganttpro Features:

  • Drag-and-Drop Gantt Chart Maker
  • Native Jira Integration
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Progress Tracker
  • Team Management
  • Online Collaboration
  • Workload Management
  • Custom Working Days
  • Kanban Board View
  • Checklist View
  • File Management
  • Comment Threads
  • Auto Scheduling
  • File Sharing
  • Export Gantt Charts To PDF, PNG, XLSX, XML
  • Critical Path
  • Time Tracking
  • Reporting


Starts at $15 per user per month, billed annually for the Individual Plan. 

Wrapping Up

Over the years, Gantt charts have become all but a necessity for every business and team out there, so if you’ve been thinking about using a software to help you out, then this might be the time to find the one that’s best for you.

This post should give you an idea of what each software offers, but for a full experience, it might be the best to give the most interesting ones a try. In case you opt for Infinity, know that the team offers a demo call where you can get a full overview of the tool.

For more information about Infinity, you can also check out the quick, 2-minute video below:

And that’s it for this SaaS roundup! For any comments, suggestions, or if you simply want to say ‘hi’ just tweet @startinfinity and @MissPanWriter.

Until then, catch you in our next update!

Hazel Pan
Hazel Pan
Hazel Pan is a copywriter and content marketing strategist for SaaS & e-commerce. Despite her chronic addiction to online courses, newsletters, and swipe files, she finds time to bike around. She likes writing case studies featuring entrepreneurs, their ideas, and business stories.

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