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Organize your entire company, store important data, and collaborate with ease by using a single work management tool.

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Take a Look at Your Work
from a Different Angle

Columns, Table, Calendar, Gantt, Form, and List—you get to decide which view you want to use and when. Seamlessly switch between different views within the same folder, or create a new view every time you open up a new tab in Infinity.

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Why Infinity

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Uptime 99.9%

Work in a safe, reliable system that allows your entire team to work smoothly without interruptions.

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Superb Customer Support

Get quality support whenever your team needs it so you can adopt and navigate the tool successfully.

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100% Secure

Enjoy your peace of mind with top-notch security practices that will ensure your data is always protected.

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Structure Your Work the Way You Want

With folders and subfolders, you’ll be able to create an infinite structure within your boards and organize all of your work in a neat and easily accessible way.

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Customize Your Entire Workflow to Your Liking

Organize data in a variety of ways by filtering, sorting, and grouping it. You can also decide which attributes you want to see and which ones to hide.

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Create and Combine Attributes Within Your Items

All attributes are completely customizable, which means that you can use them as many times as you like, in a way that works best for your projects.

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Automate Your Work Processes

Create reminders, recurring tasks, IFTTT automations, and more to build processes, reduce busywork, and save time.

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Visualize Your Data With Chart View

Chart view is a great solution for those who want to represent and analyze their data in a visual way.

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Decide How You Want to Set Up Permissions

Update permissions on board and workspace level, set up individual permissions for all of your team members, and choose how to share boards with your guests.

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Collaborate With Your Team in Real Time

Follow progress through the Activity Log, leave feedback for your team, communicate via comments, and never miss anything with notifications.

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4,8 Rating based on 100+ reviews

“It's one of the TOP 3 tools that we don't want to miss in our stack. We organize a hundred things with it: media galleries, software overview, social media & content marketing plans, CRM… I also like the team as they're always listening to us and improving the tool. Highly recommended!”
Frank Sellingsloh, CEO at FU International Academy
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Emerson Case Study

Before: Limited workflow full of constraints in Trello.

Now: Handling complex projects more efficiently in Infinity.

"We 100% recommend Infinity to anyone looking to expand their organization and customize it to their needs. I actually bought my own Infinity account outside of my work organization because I fell in love with the platform so much."

Joe Davis, Software Engineer

Infinity Integrations

Don’t miss a beat while working! Import your data easily or connect
Infinity with all of your favorite apps.

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Organize All of Your
Departments in One Place

Marketing Management

Efficiently manage and complete various marketing campaigns, SEO tasks, content, social media posts, and any other projects your team is working on. With one of our marketing templates, you and your team will be able to focus on what you do best, instead of constantly worrying about organization.

Achieve Marketing Goals
Preview Template
Achieve Marketing Goals Template

Agile Development

Regardless of the methodology you’re using, your dev team will surely benefit from having an overview of what’s happening in each sprint. You can easily assign tasks, track progress with a Kanban board, prepare tasks for future sprints, and add any other details that will ultimately help you improve your agile process.

Organize Your Agile Processes
Preview Template
Organize Your Agile Processes Template

Support Ticket System

Forget about unhappy customers and mysteriously lost tickets. Infinity will help you organize your entire customer support team, and follow through all issues from the beginning to the end. Organize support tickets into different tabs, and filter, sort, and group your items by different attributes and values.

Create a Flawless Support System
Preview Template
Create a Flawless Support System Template

Client Sales Process

A well-established system for processing your potential clients can help you go a long way and save precious time, as well. Set up the entire process swiftly, and allow your team to focus on finding new leads and turning them into paid clients, while knowing at all times which team member is responsible for which client.

Keep Track of Your Leads & Clients
Preview Template
Keep Track of Your Leads & Clients Template

Growth Experiments

Growth requires time and dedication, but most of all, a single place where you can easily brainstorm, plan, track, and analyze all of your experiments. With Infinity, you can also measure all experiments by potential impact, category, and funnel stage, as well as keep an eye on results through our six views.

Start Growing Your Business
Preview Template
Start Growing Your Business Template

Product Management

It’s safe to say that a lot of work goes into building a product: from creating a product strategy to doing everyday development work. In Infinity, you can not only plan your product strategy, but also create a product roadmap, backlog and sprint, and ensure that you build the right product for your company, in the right way.

Build a Quality Product
Preview Template
Build a Quality Product Template

Employee Database

When you have a large company at hands and just as many employees, you need a great system to be able to track all of them. Any HR manager knows how meaningful it is to keep everything in one place, from phone numbers and emails, to birthdays and addresses—all neatly managed and organized.

Manage Employee Information Easily
Preview Template
Manage Employee Information Easily Template

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We’ll set everything up for your company and any department you want to organize, so that you can start working immediately.

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You’ll get a personalized training with one of our team members who will make sure you master using Infinity in no time at all.

Dedicated Manager

You will have a dedicated account manager at your disposal, ready to take on any questions and issues you might have.

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