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What can you do with Zapier in Infinity?

How to connect Zapier with Infinity

Click on the Make a Zap or Use this Zap button below.

Sign up for a Zapier account or sign in if you already have one.

Connect Infinity and the app of your choice through Zapier.

Follow the steps to finalize your Zapier automation, known as a Zap.

Test out your new Zap.

You’re all set! The automation will run in the background, giving you time to focus on other tasks.

Make a Zap!

Need more information or support?

What is Zapier? Zapier lets you connect your favorite apps and easily automate your workflows. For more information about how it can help you, check out their page How It Works.

I need help with my Zaps. Who can I talk to? Although you can get in touch with Infinity’s team about assistance with Zapier, the best and quickest way to get the support you need would be to email Zapier directly or visit their Help Center.

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