A Feature-Rich Todoist Alternative That Takes Productivity to a Whole New Level

Infinity is a Todoist alternative with advanced customization options that gives you and your team the freedom and flexibility to organize your work better than ever while saving money.

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Infinity vs Todoist: Let's Compare Features

While Todoist is a great task management tool, it comes with certain limitations in terms of task views and custom features. If you need a software that is super user-friendly, lets you add 20+ custom attributes with a single click, and offers live support—check out Infinity. Plus, our lifetime deal will save you a lot of $$ every year!

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Starting Price $600/year
for 10 people
$249 forever
for 10 people
Folders x icon check icon
Subfolders x icon check icon
Table View x icon check icon
Calendar View x icon check icon
Gantt View x icon check icon
Form View x icon check icon
Formulas x icon check icon
Tabs x icon check icon
Multiple Assignees x icon check icon
Multiple Dates x icon check icon
Reorder Items x icon check icon
Show/Hide Items x icon check icon
Summarize Items x icon check icon
Progress Attribute x icon check icon
Rating Attribute x icon check icon
Email Attribute x icon check icon
Phone Attribute x icon check icon
Vote Attribute x icon check icon
Public Boards x icon check icon
24/7 Live Support x icon check icon
Columns View check icon check icon
List View check icon check icon
Templates check icon check icon
Activity Log check icon check icon
Checkbox check icon check icon
Group, FIlter, Sort check icon check icon
Notifications check icon check icon
Mobile Apps check icon check icon
Desktop Apps check icon check icon
API check icon check icon

Why Choose Infinity Over Todoist?

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Organize folders, subfolders, and tabs

When it comes to straightforward tasks, Todoist works great. Once the workload gets more complex, things get...messy. If the clutter is getting the best of you, Infinity is here to help. Create as many folders and subfolders as you need and use custom tabs to keep everything tidy and organized.

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Choose from six different project views

table view icon table view icon
columns view icon columns view icon
list view icon list view icon
calendar view icon calendar view icon
gantt view icon gantt view icon
form view icon form view icon

If you’re happy with viewing tasks only as Kanban columns or lists, Todoist is fine. But imagine having the freedom to choose from 6 project views: Table, Columns, Lists, Calendar, Gantt, and Form! From viewing task timelines to simplifying the form creation process, Infinity has you covered.

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Add multiple assignees to your tasks

Todoist doesn’t support adding more than one assignee to a task, which makes teamwork harder. Use Infinity to avoid having to break down every team effort into a million tasks—simply assign subtasks to different people within a single task. This keeps everyone on the same page and simplifies team collaboration.

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20+ fully customizable attributes you can tailor to your needs

If you hit a wall when trying to customize your tasks, it’s time to look for Todoist alternatives. Infinity comes with 20+ completely customizable attributes for all kinds of data: enrich tasks with progress bars, attachments, email addresses, checklists, formulas, or whatever else you need to be fully organized.

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Save Big with Infinity

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$600/year for 10 people

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It’s safe to say that we wouldn’t have got far without our awesome community! They helped us become the #1 product of the day at Product Hunt—check out their comments.

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Templates That Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

With over 50 templates in our database, you will be able to organize all of your projects with ease, no matter the industry you’re working in.

One Tool for All of Your Organizational Needs

Say goodbye to jumping between spreadsheets, calendars, and a bunch of different tools. Infinity will ensure you get to keep everything in one place.

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Powerful Features for Flawless Organization

From fully customizable attributes to different collaboration options, Infinity is here to make your personal and work life run more smoothly.



Display items in a spreadsheet. Great for CRM and databases.


Kanban board, ideal to visually track your tasks and projects.


Simplified list view, perfect for notes, to-do lists and ideas.


View items in a calendar. Perfect for event planning and scheduling.


Manage your work on a timeline. Great for project tracking.


Create reports out of your data and display those reports through various types of charts.


Create custom forms for surveys and feedback collection.

Gallery View infinity upcoming feature

Preview any images or attachments you add to Infinity in the best way possible.

Document View infinity upcoming feature

Create and edit important documents for what you are working on right here in Infinity.



Add date and time fields in different formats to items.


Create and add fully customizable sets of tags to tasks.


Use a checkbox in your items to mark a task complete.


Name your tasks or add a single line of text to them.

Long Text

Write descriptions and instructions in rich text format.


Add subtasks to items and tick them off when done.


Add links to important documents and files to items.


Upload files or images from your computer to tasks.


Add percentage, decimals, and currencies to items.


Link different items to each other across the board.


Assign your team members to their tasks in Infinity.


Add a progress bar to tasks to keep track of them.


Rate the importance of your tasks from one to ten.


Add relevant email addresses to your items in Infinity.


Note down important phone numbers in your items.

Created At

Include the date and time of task creation with ease.

Created By

Add the creator of the task automatically to your items.


Create an 'Upvote' or 'Vote' option, and allow collaborators to add unique votes per item.


Use simple and advanced formulas for calculations between numeric fields in your tables.

Attribute ID

Add IDs to items in different boards and folders, and make it easier to sort and find those items that you need.


Custom Attributes

Add any type of data using attributes: dates, attachments, checkboxes, links…


Create your own formulas to filter out and view only certain items.


Group your data into columns or separate lists.

Show / Hide

Customize your views fully by hiding or showing attributes.


Sort your data by any attribute you have.


Modify the look of your items by reordering the details on them.


Use Summarize to perform basic calculations in your tables.


Use different colors to better customize your boards and labels.

Change View

Choose to see your items in Table, Column, List, Calendar, or Gantt view.

Multiple Select

Select and edit all of your items and attributes in bulk, and organize everything more quickly.

Infinite Structure


Workspace is the starting point of your organization. It can be used for one company/brand.


Boards are the main sections of your workspace. Use them for departments, projects, clients, etc.


Folders will help you classify your data within a board. Use them to store more data without creating clutter.


With Infinity’s nesting structure you can create unlimited subfolders to subdivide your folder data if you need to.


Tabs will help you see your folder data in different ways. Use them to highlight certain data or get a different preview.


Item is the core unit of Infinity and it can be anything - a task, lead, idea, note, contact, experiment, etc.


Create deeper structures by adding an extra layer of information within the items on your board!



Invite people to join your team and collaborate with you.


Use comments to communicate with your team members.

Share Board

Make one of your boards public and share it with people outside Infinity.


Set up your team’s permissions - on the role level but also for individual users.

Offline Mode

While your device is offline, changes you make will be stored and sent to the server when you come back online.

Custom Templates

With custom templates you’re able to create frameworks that work for you the best, and reuse them.


Mention people in comments and they will immediately receive a notification.


Assign tasks to one or multiple users to define the team’s responsibilities.

Activity Log

Activity log helps you track all changes that happen on the board and item level.


Email and in-app notifications will alert your team when there’s an important update.


Save your documents, lists, and tables in paper form with Infinity’s print option.

PDF Export

Easily export items, or even complete views, to PDF straight from your board and print them out.

Reports infinity upcoming feature

Keep up with what your team is up to by creating reports on a weekly or monthly basis.

Keyboard Shortcuts infinity upcoming feature

Use your keyboard to efficiently navigate your boards, and create and complete new tasks.

2FA infinity upcoming feature

Make sure your data is protected from unauthorized access with two-factor authentication.



Connect Infinity with hundreds of other tools via Zapier.


Import your data from Trello in a few seconds.


Import and export your data to a .csv file.


Track time on your tasks with our Clockify integration.


Use our API to integrate Infinity with third-party apps and create custom provider services.

Google Drive

Connect Infinity to Google Drive and gain quick access to all of your important documents.

Google Calendar

Connect any Infinity calendar with the Google Calendar of your choice.


Use iCalendar i.e. to sync your Infinity calendar with any other calendar software you’re using.


Connect Infinity with hundreds of other tools via Pabbly.


Integrate Infinity with Slack and make communication with the rest of your team run smoothly.

Dropbox infinity upcoming feature

Save time by attaching and managing all of your Dropbox files directly from Infinity.

Bitbucket infinity upcoming feature

Link your pull requests, commits and branches to tasks automatically and straight from our app.


Recurring Tasks

Manage repeat dates and create schedules for your tasks with Infinity’s recurring tasks.


Set reminders for all of your tasks and make sure your team never forget about them.


Automate all of your workflows with ease and improve your business processes.

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