Work Management Software - Top 16 Apps for 2020

By Hazel Pan Sep 12, 2019

Are your clients, projects, and tasks starting to overwhelm you?

Well, then congratulations! That’s a great problem to have.

But if the overwhelm causes you to…

Miss deadlines...

Forget invoices... 

Or spend time weeding through various messaging platforms just to communicate with your clients…

Then you might end up sabotaging your business in the long run.

Plenty of businesses lose huge amounts of money due to all of this busywork. 

So, we researched a list of top work management software that can help.

These apps are built to automate most of the busy work for you so you can manage the overwhelm and take back control of your business.

Check them out below!

Work Management Software Roundup

1. Infinity

With different functionalities built primarily for work management and productivity, Infinity is a one-stop-shop for all your needs no matter what size your team is. 

Infinity uses a flexible and adaptive structure, allowing users of any team size to display, assemble and organize information the way they prefer.

Whether you need to manage workflows for a content calendar, sales pipeline, or HR, Infinity has you covered with their ready-made work management templates.

Infinity Features:

  • Adaptive Structure
  • Template Customization 
  • Customization 
  • Calendars
  • Kanban Boards
  • To-do Lists 
  • Resource Management
  • Work Tracking
  • Progress Reporting and Tracking
  • Access Permission Control
  • Data Importing & Exporting
  • Document Management
  • Search & Filtering
  • Team Collaboration
  • Third Party Integrations

2. Wrike

Wrike is a cloud-based work management software that can help you automate workflow processes. 

Plan your projects with lists and drag-and-drop boards. Allocate resources with timelines and Gantt charts. Assign tasks to team members, schedule deadlines, track, and report progress. 

Then, just use Wrike’s Custom Workflows to automate what happens after each task in your timeline is updated. Wrike auto-assigns which team member should take over, too, and you’ll get updates automatically.

You can create a total of up to 150 custom workflows and also edit pre-created templates to suit your business needs.

This is a tool best suited for teams with more than 20 members.

Wrike Features:

  • Gantt Chart
  • Task Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Customizable Request Forms
  • Enterprise-level Security
  • Resource Management using Workload View
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Error Tracking
  • Auto-assignment Of Tasks Based On Statuses
  • Tailored Templates for Marketing and Creative Teams
  • Budget Management System

Wrike starts at $9.80 per user per month.

3. Trello

Trello is a work management software that’s widely used by startups because of its generous free plan and its user-friendly drag-and-drop Kanban board. 

Trello allows you to easily add members, instructions, and deadlines in a task card and visually track the progress of a project.

Trello Features:

  • Web-Based Business Management
  • Mobile App Ready
  • Drag-and-Drop Kanban Boards
  • Custom View for Calendar, List and Task per Member
  • Board Summary
  • Scheduled Commands
  • Email Notifications
  • Customizable Field Actions
  • Automations
  • Task Triggers 
  • Bulk Data Export
  • File Storage
  • Custom Board Backgrounds
  • Access Control and Permissions
  • Third Party Integrations

Trello’s business class plan starts at $9.99 when paid annually and for bigger companies, enterprise plan starts at $20.83 per user per month for 100 users.

4. Airtable

Airtable is a work management solution that looks like a well-designed spreadsheet but with the capabilities of a powerful database. 

Like Infinity, you can customize Airtable to adapt to any work process. You can use its premade work management templates or build one from scratch using its default base.

To add special functions like a task timer or geolocator, for example, simply add mini-apps using drag-and-drop blocks from Airtable’s library.

This software is suitable for all team sizes and customer types.

Airtable Features:

  • Mobile-Ready
  • Relational Database Capability
  • Link Records Between Tables
  • Filter, Sort, and Rearrange Records
  • Customized Views
  • Revision History
  • Save and Share Options
  • Customizable Fields
  • Email integration
  • Snapshot
  • Integration of third-party apps and social media
  • Custom Forms and Management
  • Calendars
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Communication Management
  • Records Management
  • Data Synchronization
  • Automated Backup
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Templates 

Airtable’s pricing starts at $10 per user per month when billed annually. 

5. ClickUp

ClickUp is a work management solution that integrates cloud storage, time tracking, calendars, and notes in just one platform. 

You can create task dependencies, custom fields, statuses, and manage tasks using multiple views such as Kanban boards, timelines, and lists.

Its comprehensive but user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to view everything you need to know for effective work tracking. Even better, ClickUp has a functional mobile app, so you can manage project tasks even while on the go.

ClickUp Features:

  • Mobile App
  • Custom Fields
  • Storage
  • Task Tray
  • Assign and Resolve Comments
  • Slash commands
  • Deep Recurring Tasks
  • Filter Options
  • Voice Assistance
  • Customized Notifications
  • Customize Assignees
  • Collaboration Detection
  • Templates
  • Scheduling
  • Threaded Comments
  • Multi-Task Management
  • Three Different Views
  • Progress View
  • Activity History
  • Drag and drop Functionality

ClickUp offers a free plan with 100MB storage and a business plan with unlimited storage starting at $5 per user if billed annually and $9 per user if billed monthly.

6. Workfront

Workfront, previously known as AtTask, offers a comprehensive solution for work management with its real-time reporting, customizable dashboards, and social collaboration. 

It is suitable for all teams because it provides full visibility of a project and allows Waterfall and Agile methodologies. 

Workfront Features:

  • Centralized Projects
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Portfolio Management
  • Resource Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Gantt Charts
  • Automated Workflow
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Agile or Waterfall Project Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Mobile-Ready Apps
  • My Work Dashboard
  • Social Collaboration 
  • Notifications and Updates
  • Time Tracking
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • App Integrations Including Outlook
  • Online Proofing
  • Digital Asset Management

Workfront offers a free trial and paid plans are available by quote.

7. Mavenlink

Mavenlink offers a unified solution for work management and professional services automation including accounting, management of projects and resources, team collaboration, and business intelligence. 

It is a great platform for project-based organizations.

Mavenlink Features:

  • Task Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Resource Management
  • File Sharing
  • Integration of Email, Quickbooks and Google
  • SSL Security
  • Gantt Charts
  • Task Dependencies
  • Time and Expenses Tracking 
  • Payment Online
  • Personnel Planning
  • Invoicing and Reports
  • Project Summaries
  • Work-in-Progress View
  • Accounts Receivable

Mavenlink offers a free plan. The paid team plan starts at $19 a month.

8. Clarizen

Clarizen is a powerful, enterprise-level, agile work management software.

Most of its users love that it provides a complete overview of the different phases of a project starting from planning to execution, helping to eliminate time-consuming back and forth between project managers and clients.

Clarizen can also automate workflows and offers free bi-weekly webinars to help users learn how to make the most of their solutions.

Clarizen Features:

  • Collaborative Planning
  • Task Management
  • Portfolio and Resource Management
  • Personal Calendars and Scheduling
  • Billable & Non Billable Work Items
  • Completion Reporting
  • Time, Expenses and Budget Tracking
  • Mobile-Ready
  • Role & Assignment per Project
  • Custom Fields and Templates
  • Document Sharing and Management
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Import and Export of Data to MS Projects

Clarizen offers a free trial for 30 days. After the trial period, you may choose between the enterprise edition and the unlimited edition available by quote.

9. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is an easy-to-use project solution for most technology teams.

This work management software places an emphasis on smart resource planning, risk management, and scheduling.

So, LiquidPlanner’s features are designed to allow users an easy way to allocate resources per task, manage workload by team members, and accurately predict progress and available resources per project so deadlines and budgets are met.

LiquidPlanner Features:

  • Priority-Based Scheduling
  • Collaboration
  • Time Tracking
  • Drag-and-Drop Prioritization
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Workspace Chatter
  • Client Sharing
  • Baseline View
  • Mobile Ready
  • Task Management

Liquidplanner starts at $9.99 per user for the Small Team plan and $45 per user for Professional.

10. Clockify

Clockify is a time-tracking tool and a timesheet that is simple to use, yet packed with features to adapt to any business. 

This tool does more than just track time. Clockify helps productivity by identifying wasted time, features a robust reporting system for client rapport, and lets you set hourly rates. You can view daily and weekly reports, edit the visuals to your liking, as well as edit, sort and reorganize your time entries.

Clockify is a collaborative platform that ensures transparency between teams and individuals. As such, it’s an invaluable addition to any work management software.

Clockify Features:

  • Timer and manual mode
  • Visual charts
  • Billable and non-billable hours
  • Custom hourly rates
  • Detailed reports
  • Data export to PDF, CSV or Excel
  • Templates
  • Progress and budget tracking
  • Fully customizable workspaces
  • Available on all platforms
  • 24/7 customer support

Clockify is free to use for an unlimited number of users. For companies that want additional features, the Plus edition starts at $9.99 per month, Premium at $29.99 per month, and Enterprise at $9.99 per user. 

11. Podio

Podio is collaboration software with integrated chat, allowing teams to discuss and comment on a project in a single page, in real-time. 

It also has tools that allow users to share files, automate workflows, schedule meetings and manage tasks.

For free, you can invite clients, outsourced workers, and other stakeholders into your Podio workspace so they can collaborate and comment on projects with you, eliminating messy email and chat threads from other channels.

Podio Features:

  • Automated Workflows
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Data Visualization
  • Social Collaboration
  • Task Management
  • Granular Access
  • Calendar
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Personal Dashboards
  • Connected CRM
  • Project Management
  • Integrated Chat
  • Full Customization
  • Web & Mobile Compatible

Podio paid plans range from $9 per user for Basic to $24 per user for Premium plans. Enterprise plans are available upon request.

12. KissFlow

KissFlow is a cloud-hosted work management platform that’s specifically built to work best with Google Apps.

KissFlow comes with 50 pre-installed applications that you can use for common business processes such as purchase orders, payment and reimbursement, project progress tracking, employee onboarding, and more. Just add which apps your business needs.

You can also customize and automate workflows as you need them.

KissFlow Features:

  • Unique 5-Step App Wizard
  • Progress Work Tracking
  • Hands-­Off Workflows
  • Prebuilt Reports
  • Single Sign On
  • Attaching Google Docs and Dropbox Documents
  • Zapier Support for SaaS Integration
  • Collaboration Features
  • Mobile Ready

KissFlow starts are $9 per user per month. 

13. Teamwork 

If you want a work management software that’s familiar and instinctively easy to use, then Teamwork is a great option.

This app is packed with many easy-to-use features that allow businesses to track projects, coordinate, document, and communicate in just one place. 

It’s an easy way to manage people and deliverables for businesses of any size.

Teamwork Features:

  • Cross Project Dependencies
  • Interactive Gantt Charts
  • Project Templates
  • Risk/Benefit Analyzer
  • Task Management
  • Document Management
  • Messaging or Instant Messaging
  • RSS Feed
  • Social Collaboration Platform
  • Budget and Forecasting
  • Time and Budget Tracking
  • Email Integration
  • Notification 

Teamwork Projects Pro plan starts at $11.25 per user monthly.

14. Ora

For some teams, boring software interfaces can be a bit of a downer. So if you’re craving to bring in some pop of fun and color to your work management software, then Ora will give you the visual treat you need. 

Ora is an all-in-one platform for team collaboration and agile management, with Kanban boards, time tracking, project reporting, team chats, and third-party app syncing.

What sets it apart is Ora’s beautiful UX elements. It has color-coded tasks, customizable backgrounds, cute icons, a kitty mascot, and fun copy which, honestly, can help put work-stressed people in a better, more creative mood.

Ora Features:

  • Third Party Active-Sync
  • Agenda View
  • Slack Alerts
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Status Reports
  • Task and Time Tracking
  • List or Kanban View
  • Automatic Filters
  • List Actions
  • Scheduling
  • Git Integration

Basic for up to 3 users is free. Paid plans start at $4.33 when billed annually.

15. Plutio

If you’re sick of paying for different apps to do all the different things you need, then maybe you need an all-in-one like Plutio.

Plutio is a cloud-hosted platform that comes with all the functions that a small business or freelancer could ever need, such as project and task management, time tracking, real-time inbox, chat, and most importantly — customizable proposals and invoicing.

It even comes with integrated apps and can support up to 20 languages.

So really, Plutio can help you manage tasks at the project level, then manage clients and payments at the business level.

Plutio Features:

  • Client Portal
  • Daily Task Digest Emails
  • Time Tracking
  • Print-friendly timesheets
  • Project Tracking
  • CRM
  • Built-In Inbox
  • Live Chat
  • Calendar
  • Custom Branding
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Invoicing
  • Proposals
  • Task Management
  • Activities Feed
  • Built-In Custom Search
  • Fully Responsive (Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone)
  • Multilingual UI
  • User roles & permissions
  • Data Security
  • Customizable Dashboards 
  • Advanced Text Editor 

Plutio’s pricing starts at $15 per month for a solo user and $30 for a team.

16. Taskade

Taskade is a real-time task management software with one of the best, mobile-optimized apps on this list. Like Ora, its developers also spent time to make its interface look good.

What’s special about Taskade is that it lets you create mind maps — which typically is a different app you’d have to pay for. But with Taskade, you’ll get all the work management functions you need plus a good-looking mind mapping tool.

Of course, it comes with all the standard features that a work management software needs, such as the capability to create notes, outlines, recurring tasks, upload files, and instantly share them with teammates.

You’ll also get Kanban boards, to-do checklists, charts, calendars, templates, and reminders.

Taskade Features:

  • Customizable Themes & Backgrounds
  • Notifications & Reminders
  • Views & Templates
  • Real-time Syncing
  • Push Notifications
  • Mobile & Desktop Apps
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Shareable Lists

Taskade paid plans start at $7 per month when billed annually.

What Work Management Software Will You Use?

What did you think about our list of work management software?

Find anything you liked yet, or did this list just overwhelm you further?

Don’t worry. 

If all of these choices confuse you, then start with a software that can meet you at whatever stage you’re in.

And for that, Infinity is the best option. 

It’s easy to launch, and even comes with pre-made templates, so you won’t have a problem getting started.

It is customizable, so you can edit the default functions to fit your needs.

And finally, it’s powerful enough to scale up and add more functionalities as you grow.

Check out how easy it is to set up here:


And that wraps up Infinity’s work management software roundup for this week!

Of course, don’t forget to tweet @startinfinity and @misspanwriter to let us know your comments.

Catch you again in the next business SaaS roundup!

Hazel Pan
Hazel Pan
Hazel Pan is a copywriter and content marketing strategist for SaaS & e-commerce. Despite her chronic addiction to online courses, newsletters, and swipe files, she finds time to bike around. She likes writing case studies featuring entrepreneurs, their ideas, and business stories.

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