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Improve your workflows and automate routine work by connecting Infinity to your favorite third-party apps or any of the custom ones you build.

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API Docs
Infinity’s official API documentation. Everything you need to know about authentication, rate limiting, error handling, endpoints, and more.
Check out some of the use cases our team created to get an idea of what you can do with Infinity’s API and webhooks.
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Partner With Us
If you have any additional requests regarding integrations and building apps in Infinity, get in touch with us and we’ll contact you ASAP.

Build Custom Apps

If Infinity doesn’t integrate with the tools you need or offer specific functionalities you’re after, you can build your own custom apps! Your apps are tailored to your specific needs and allow you to gain additional benefits for your entire team.

Build Custom Apps
Integrate with Other Tools

Integrate with Other Tools

Connect Infinity to other apps that you love and use on a daily basis via their respective APIs. Whether it’s CRM systems, social logins, or email clients (just to name a few), you can make your work run more smoothly and your team more productive.

Create System Integrations

Build integrations with your internal data management systems to speed up information flows, reduce operational costs for your team, and become more efficient in product development, HR, customer service, and other aspects of your work.

Create System Integrations

Example of How to Use Infinity’s API

Create a Blog Using Infinity as a CMS

Our API lets you build a simple website using Infinity as a database for all your content, data, and plugins.

Developers Around the World Use Our API
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Start Building Apps With Infinity

Unleash Infinity’s full power by building apps and creating integrations with the tools you use on a daily basis.

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