Join Infinity’s API Private Beta

Our API is almost ready to see the light of day! But before we let it out into the world, we want to hear your opinion about it. So, if you’re a developer who likes to test things out and give feedback, we’d love to see you join.

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API Offers More Flexibility and Infinite Options

Whether you decide to build your own app or connect Infinity to a third-party software, you’ll be able to do so with Infinity’s API. We pride ourselves on Infinity being incredibly flexible, but this addition will make it even more so and provide you with infinite options when it comes to organization.

With API available, you’ll be able to do anything from creating items and listing boards, to connecting Infinity to your own apps. And that’s just in the beta version, of course. With your feedback, we’ll ensure that the public Beta is a version you could use for whatever you want.

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