16 Applicant Tracking Software Not to Miss out in 2024

16 Applicant Tracking Software Not to Miss out in 2024

Jun 03, 2024   20 Min Read
An applicant tracking software is a must for HR teams who want to attract and engage industry’s top talents. Let the hiring games begin!

Companies receive approximately 250 applications per job posting. So you’d think finding the ideal candidate among so many job seekers rolling in would be a piece of cake.

The truth is that no matter how wide the pool of applicants is, there’s no guarantee any of them has the skills and/or qualifications needed. On average, less than 50% of applicants meet the requirements listed in job postings and nearly 70% of the workforce is not actively searching for a job.

On the other hand, handling the high influx of CVs can be overwhelming for recruiters and drastically reduce their attention span. Skimming resumes for details takes no more than 7.4 seconds, meaning applicants have very little time to wow HR specialists. Candidates that make an impression and pass the first round make it to an email thread or spreadsheet. 

However, narrowing down applicants using email threads and spreadsheets is simply not reliable and efficient anymore.

The ever-evolving technology and dedicated tools can help recruiters pick out the most qualified candidates, manage data from multiple sources, and find the perfect fit for your company. An applicant tracking software (ATS) collects and organizes applications and automates the recruitment and hiring processes. Nowadays, applicant tracking systems come with heaps of extra features such as candidate experience, recruitment CRM, predictive analytics, and help with better sourcing and streamlining workflows.

If you want to accelerate recruiting processes and recruit better candidates, stay onboard! We curated the 16 best applicant tracking software and outlined highlights and challenges of each to help you find top-level talents with minimal effort.

Without further ado, let’s have a chat about the ATS nice-to-haves.

7 Features of an Awesome Applicant Tracking Software

Your HR team can always go for a basic ATM software. Yet, when switching to a new system, why wouldn’t you make it worthwhile? Down below, we are discussing all the bells and whistles of great job applicant tracking software.

  • Sourcing—Surely, you need a system that acts as a database of job applicants. However, you need to find a way to reach a broader group of applicants first. The best applicant tracking software comes with built-in outreach tools and extensions that allow you to source candidates and engage with talents via emails and texts afterwards. 
  • Video Interviewing—Look for an ATS system with a video interview module or at least one that integrates with another video interview platform. It can help you get more info from job seekers in a shorter time-frame.
  • Candidate Relationship Management—Read that again. It’s not customer relationship management (CRM) but candidate relationship management. It is as important to maintain good relationships with applicants as much as it is important to nurture relationships with customers. An ATS platform should ensure you find the best candidates in the entire job seeker ecosystem. Some candidates are more passive, others might not be a good fit for one of the previous roles – but that doesn’t mean you should write them off for always. Full-featured ATS systems remind you when to ping candidates and help you re-discover silver medalists.   
  • Blind Screening—Finding the best match for a certain position has very little to do with the candidate’s picture, name, or address. If you want to make unbiased decisions and support equitable hiring, look for an applicant tracking system that features blind screening.
  • Data and Analytics—Some more advanced applicant tracking software come with built-in analytics and reporting capabilities. They can calculate conversion rates through the funnel (from screening to hiring) and cost per hire, which could be super-useful if you need to share this info with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Deep Integrations—The best applicant tracking systems integrate with a bunch of tools that can make background screening, onboarding, and other accompanying tasks a breeze. The more integration the software has, the more extensive the applicants pool, and the more successful the hiring process.

16 Best Applicant Tracking Software to Give a Go in 2024

1. Infinity — The Best Overall Applicant Tracking Software


Infinity is the ultimate job applicant tracking software that can lend a helping hand to all HR specialists and ease the process of growing teams and businesses.

It boasts a highly customizable structure—boards, folders, subfolders, and items so you can build a de-cluttered workspace and organize data in an easily accessible way. Not only that, but you can also seamlessly shift between several views (Table, Document, Column, Calendar, List, Gantt, Chart & Form) to see data in different tabs differently.

Moreover, you can apply filters (by CV/resume, recommendations, interview stage, etc), group candidates by the position they are applying for, and sort them to have a clearer overview of your database filled with all the relevant info for your hiring and management teams so they can make the best decision based on the data submitted. 

You also get to attach CVs and any other documents you might need for the best possible selection process, as well as customize the entire applicant tracking process to your liking, add various attributes to each candidate (display the ones you want to see and hide the other ones or add custom attributes), and organize data in a plethora of ways.

I'm pretty lazy with writing, but let me just say, Infinity is AMAZING. Great team, great support, great development, great product. I use it for so many things, honestly hard to even make a list. It has a great Zapier integration, so whenever I need to connect stuff, I find Infinity to be much better than most CRMs for quickly getting data in the way that I need it.” – Kyle Lawrence

With Infinity ATS software, you can also create application forms and share them on your social media profiles and/or embed them to career pages on your website to reach more job seekers. As new people start rolling in, Infinity will automatically store their data in the applicant database.

To see how just how flexible and smooth it is to use Infinity, check out the video below:

Key Features

  • Infinite Structure—Create as many boards and candidate databases as you want, and personalize your experience with our software.
  • 8 Views—Visualize applicants any way you like to have a better grasp of their skills for various departments.
  • Pre-Made Templates—You don’t have to start from scratch. HR teams have 4 ready-made templates waiting for them, while there are over 70 more to organize other aspects of the business.
  • Custom Forms—Infinity lets you create and customize application forms and share them via embedded codes and links to increase the chances of finding the right people.
  • Customizable Attributes—No one knows but you which criteria your employees should meet. With more than 20 Infinity’s attributes, you can customize applicant tracking processes to your liking and navigate applications at a few clicks.
  • Filter, Sort, and Group—De-clutter your candidate database by grouping them and apply filters to only display the ones you need at a certain moment.
  • Document Management—Infinity lets you import documents, including CVs, and share them with the rest of the HR team.
  • Team Collaboration— Collaborate with your HR team, set up permissions for each member, assign them different tasks and candidates, and pull reports based on their hiring success.
  • Third-Party Integrations—Connect Infinity with over 3,000 apps via Zapier and import candidate data from LinkedIn, Zoho Recruits, Workable, Greenhouse, and many more.
  • Mobile Apps—Track applications and conduct interviews on the go via dedicated iOS and Android apps.

As we mentioned, there are over 70 dedicated templates for different purposes to save you some time and effort and help you work smarter, not harder. Here are some of the notable templates built for HR teams:

INFINITY TIP: People from your hiring team can add ratings after interviewing shortlisted candidates to narrow down the candidate pool and select the best ones.


Infinity offers both Basic and Pro plans. Basic plans start from $6 per user/month, and Pro plans start from $9 per user/month. There is also a 14-day trial that lets you explore Infinity's features.


2. Manatal — A Cloud-Based Applicant Tracking System

Manatal Applicant Tracking Software

Image Source: manatal.com

Manatal is an easy-to-use ATS platform that makes candidate management a seamless task and helps with growing applicants' database day by day. It boasts innovative and unique features (candidate and job history, skill bank, analytics suite, etc.), relies on machine learning and AI, and streamlines the recruitment process from start to finish (sourcing to onboarding). 

Manatal has a unique and flexible structure that consists of multiple views and customizable fields and sections so you can consolidate your data your way. Its functional drag-and-drop interface and customizable pipeline lets you have everything at your fingertips—jobs, candidates, client info, departments, and users.

You can access and edit info as your candidates move down the pipeline, consolidate past interactions (messages and feedback) with each of them, and use this info for further analysis. Manatal’s advanced search tools and AI-driven algorithms can ensure you always score the best candidates based on their diplomas, seniority, and other criteria you select.

This job applicant tracking software synchronizes with Gmail and Outlook and allows importing every piece of information about candidates in a click. You can also export candidate contact info to Mailchimp to skyrocket your emailing campaigns and set probation periods to keep an eye on new hires and customize the onboarding process with Manatal.

Key Features

  • Customizable Structure
  • Automated Candidate Scoring
  • Quick Keyword Search
  • Advanced Search
  • CV Management
  • Social Media Recruiting
  • AI-Based Recommendations
  • Candidate Contact Information Export
  • Available in 90 Languages
  • Integration with Gmail, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, and More


Manatal’s most affordable, professional plan is priced at $15/user/month, and then you have the enterprise plan ($35/user/month) and custom plan.

3. Workable — A Fully Automated Applicant Tracking System with Flexible Tools

Workable Applicant Tracking Software

Image Source: resources.workable.com

Workable is an advanced ATS platform that takes away the hassle of managing compliance, getting approvals, and scheduling interviews manually. Armed with loads of applicant tracking solutions, Workable lets you plan your hiring and budget, automatically posts your job postings to 200+ premium and free job boards to increase the chances of finding the best fit for a specific position.

This software is fairly easy to navigate and comes with built-in functionalities, such as 700+ optimized job description templates, customizable dashboards, and letters and approval workflows so you can find, evaluate, and hire, faster.

Workable creates reports on the data it gathers in the hiring process and turns it into beautifully designed visuals you can share with executives. Or, you can dig even deeper and turn raw recruiting data into custom reports so you can measure key performance.  

This applicant tracking software goes a step further and simplifies onboarding as well. It comes with offer letter templates chosen candidates can sign via e-signatures on mobile and desktop. Workable truly provides all-around experience, from job posting to employee onboarding to ensure you always find and hire top talents.

Key Features

  • Access to 200+ Job Boards
  • 700+ Job Description Templates
  • Customizable Pipelines
  • AI-Powered Candidate Recommendations
  • Social Recruiting
  • Passive Candidates Outreach
  • One-Click Interview Scheduling
  • One-Way Screening
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • 70+ Integrations with Hiring and HR Tools


Workable Paygo plan is created for companies with occasional hiring needs (priced at $99/month/job posting) while they also have custom plans for small to mid-sized businesses (price upon request).

4. BambooHR — A Simple Yet Powerful Applicant Tracking System

BambooHR Applicant Tracking Software

Image Source: bamboohr.com

BambooHR, one of the most modern recruiting tools out there, makes hiring processes simple and straightforward, and finding the right talent easy-peasy. With this ATS system, you get access to a myriad of features that improve communication, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and make sure no candidate slips through your fingers.

It gives you access to popular job boards like Glassdoor and Indeed but also lets you share job postings on social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) so you can rest assured you’ll attract the highest-quality candidates.

BambooHR comes with a set of templates it auto-customizes for different job types and positions before you hit send. It boasts collaboration features so your team can improve every stage of hiring, including onboarding, and makes it easy to review resumes and rate candidates on the go via the mobile app.

The best applicant tracking systems, like this one, promote integrated reporting and analytics capabilities to make it convenient for HR specialists to measure time-to-hire and spot inconsistencies in the process and act accordingly to ensure the most pleasurable hiring experienced talents will tell their friends about.

Key Features

  • Shareable Job Postings
  • Custom Workflows
  • Message Scheduling
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Built-In Team Collaboration
  • Social Media Recruiting
  • Quick Approvals
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Custom Offer Letter Templates
  • Available on Desktop and Mobile


BambooHR tailors their packages to your business’s needs. Contact them to get a free price quote.

5. Bullhorn — A Job Applicant Tracking Software with Robust Structure

Bullhorn Applicant Tracking Software

Image Source: bullhorn.com

Some companies find applicant tracking cumbersome, others use Bullhorn and enjoy every step of the way—sourcing to submittal. This ATS system with a robust structure provides you with all the resources you need to interact with candidates for open positions and find top talent.

With Bullhorn, you can centralize job requisitions, candidate data from various job boards, and employee referrals under one hub. It features several automations so you can find your way around a hefty amount of pipework while still managing a large pool of candidates.

Bullhorn Sourcing Accelerator captures resumes and feeds candidate data on a constant basis so recruiters can reach out to top talents ahead of competitors and build amazing communities. Use the platform’s reporting and analytics capabilities to get more insights into your team's recruiting activity, activity on specific job postings, sourcing effectiveness, and much more.

Integrated with Gmail and Outlook, Bullhorn makes applicant tracking via email convenient. You can parse in resumes, see more info about candidates, create appointments, and add notes with a single click while in your inbox. This job applicant tracking software integrates with LinkedIn Recruiter as well so you can view candidates’ LinkedIn and Bullhorn records and up-to-date information.

Key Features

  • Automatic Candidate Tracking
  • Keyword Searches
  • Parse and Edit Resumes
  • Interview Scheduling and Tracking
  • Passive Activity Tracking
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Real-Time Candidate Records Update
  • Mobile Recruiting
  • Email and LinkedIn Integrations


Bullhorn has 4 applicant tracking and CRM plans—team, corporate, enterprise, and enterprise plus. Request a quote to find more about their pricing options. 

6. JazzHR — The Best Applicant Tracking System for Staffing Agencies

JazzHR Applicant Tracking Software

Image Source: marketplace.bamboohr.com

Are you still sorting candidates manually? Do competing organizations steal the best candidates? What about your application completion rates? Not so good? If this hits you, then no doubt you would use an ATS software like JazzHR. This robust platform works great with staffing agencies and internal hiring and streamlines the hiring process so you can grow your talent pool and business with minimal efforts.

JazzHR can help you stay organized and focused and customize your process for different openings. It allows you to share postings on dozens of popular job boards at a click so you can source a larger pool of candidates.

Next, you can use it to share up-to-date info and the latest activities related to each candidate with key teammates and fully include them in the process. Discussing candidates, adding notes and notes, and gathering feedback from some or all members of the recruiting team can increase the chance of hiring a perfect match for the position. You can even create individual hiring teams for every job posting or per department.

JazzHR takes away the manual work and automatically assigns tasks to your team and eliminates redundant tasks. It also comes with a pool of personalized and reusable message and email templates to make communication between the hiring team and candidates smoother.

Last but not least, this applicant tracking system comes with built-in reporting capabilities so you can track your team’s and candidates’ progress and customize workflows to make the recruiting process more successful.

Key Features

  • Access to Dozens of Free and Paid Job Boards
  • Social Media Recruiting
  • Custom Workflows
  • Candidate Categories
  • Quick Screening
  • Task Automation
  • Team Collaboration
  • Reusable Message and Email Templates
  • Email Sync
  • Salesforce, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, JobTarget, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and Load of Other Integrations


JazzHR has 3 paid plans starting at $39/month/billed annually (for small teams).

7. Eddy The Best Applicant Tracking System for Deskless Workers

eddy applicant tracking software

Image Source: eddy.com/hiring

The backbone of Eddy’s hiring platform is the hiring pipeline. You can see where each candidate is in the hiring process, your coworkers’ thoughts on the candidate, and how long it’s been since you’ve had contact. The system is all drag and drop and very visual, so staying updated is as easy as opening your eyes.

You can automate the hiring process so that as you move candidates from stage to stage an email can automatically schedule an interview, send an offer letter, or anything else you want. You can’t get this organization and efficiency out of spreadsheets.

With regards to collaboration, all members of the hiring team can comment and give their thoughts. They can also tag and filter candidates based on candidate qualities, give a 1-4 star rating, and even show how they feel with an eloquent emoji! Hiring has to be collaborative, while Eddy lets you do that easily.

This ATS system gets your job posting in front of thousands of candidates. When you post a job through Eddy, it automatically posts it to Indeed, Glassdoor, Neuvoo and more soy ou can review candidates from hundreds of job sites, all in one place.

Key Features

  • Includes entire system of ATS, Onboarding, Managing, and Payroll
  • Drag and Drop Custom Pipeline
  • Automated Stage Actions
  • Hiring Team Collaboration
  • Candidate rating and commenting
  • One-Click Job Posting to Indeed, Glassdoor, Neuvoo, and more
  • Quick and easy Candidate Experience


Eddy is an award-winning ATS software that you can get for as little as $99 per month. This pricing includes not only an applicant tracking system, but also the functions of onboarding, managing, and paying your employees. They will create a custom quote for your company based on the size and needs of your business.

8. Smart Recruiters — An ATS System with Great Functionalities

SmartRecruiters Applicant Tracking Software

Image Source: smartrecruiters.com

Smart Recruiters is a full-featured talent acquisition suite that can amplify your talent tracking efforts and chances of welcoming amazing people to your team. This ATS software makes it easy-peasy to optimize advertising budgets, identify the best candidate sources and track from which source your applicants are coming, check their statuses, and detect and eliminate bottlenecks at an early stage of the process so no good candidate slips from your fingers.

With Smart Recruiters’ built-in functionalities that reduce administrative burdens, your recruiters can work smarter, not harder. Assessment tools make it convenient to screen and evaluate candidates, auto-reply, and schedule notifications to improve communication, which all contribute to better management and higher efficiency of the hiring process.

Hiring managers and recruiters can search talents using keywords, apply advanced filters, assign personalized tags to candidates, save search queries for future searches, but also keep passive applicants warm and increase the discoverability of already registered silver medalists.

This applicant tracking software syncs with all candidate emails, keeps all the records on previous conversations, and promotes smooth communication within and outside the system to boost the likelihood of hiring top-notch talents.

Key Features

  • Candidate Statuses
  • Interview Scores
  • Sourcing Dashboard
  • Candidate Filtering and Saved Searches
  • Up-to-Date Candidate Information
  • Team Collaboration
  • Scheduled Notifications
  • Mass Actions
  • Template Library
  • Historical Message Tracking
  • Integrated with LinkedIn, DocuSign, and Other HR Systems


Smart Recruiters’ pricing depends on how many employees you have. Contact them via email for more info.

9. Zoho Recruit — The Best Applicant Tracking Software for Recruiting Agencies and Corporate Hiring

Zoho Recruit Applicant Tracking Software

Image Source: zoho.com

Zoho Recruit is a job applicant tracking software for managing the end-to-end (sourcing to hiring) recruitment process. It can speed up time-to-fill open positions by helping you quickly source talents, interview and evaluate candidates, track the team’s performance, and provide insightful reports and analytics.

With Zoho Recruit, you get access to a wide pool of top talents on the most popular platforms, such as Monster, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and Indeed, but social media as well (Facebook and LinkedIn) so you can automate the recruitment process by pulling out details in your candidate database and improve the quality of hires.

This software supports team collaboration via multiple channels so you can share resumes and quickly get feedback from key teammates on candidates via mentions and comments. Speaking of resumes, Zoho comes with built-in resume management tools that can help with finding the best fit for your organization.

Zoho also provides AI assistance to help you set must-have and preferred skills, calculate applicants’ skill scores, rank candidates based on how much their resume matches with the job description, and increase search accuracy. Being one of the top-rated ATS systems, Zoho Recruit manages all the activity in the recruiting department and focuses on finding great candidates that can ensure great revenue for your business.

Key Features

  • Multi-Channel Candidate Sourcing
  • Automated Workflows
  • AI-Based Features
  • Smart Searches
  • Bulk Actions
  • Resume Parsing
  • Customized Offer Letter Templates
  • Email Marketing and Campaigns
  • Advanced Recruit Analytics
  • Mobile Recruiting


Zoho Recruit has 3 paid plans (starting at €20,84) and offers a free 15-day trial for each.

10. Recruiterbox — A Simple Yet Productive Applicant Tracking and Recruiting Software

Image Source: recruiterbox.com

Do you want to speed up your recruitment process without compromising on the quality of hire? Recruiterbox is one of those applicant tracking systems that can assist in finding the top-level candidates, elevate candidate experience, and mitigate bias.

This web-based ATS platform allows you to tailor the hiring process from start to completion. It gives you access to a myriad of job boards, career-pages, and social recruiting sites (LinkedIn, Facebook) to spread the word about your openings and make sure you attract the right candidates.

It collects candidate info from resumes and screens these resumes based on phrases and keywords you added while you can also tag, filter, and search candidates for the sake of better organization. Once you’ve narrowed down the circle, you can pass candidates to other team members for interviewing and let them add interview notes.

Recruiterbox comes with built-in reporting tools that support making data-driven decisions and gives you a better grasp of your hiring success score.

Key Features

  • Career Site Management
  • Resume and Talent Management
  • Duplicate Detection
  • Customized Questionnaire Forms
  • Email Templates and Filters
  • Candidate Screening Tools
  • Classified Hiring
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Collaborative Communication
  • Advanced Reporting


Recruiterbox keeps their prices secret. Contact them for more info.

11. Personio — A User-Friendly ATS System

Personio Applicant Tracking Software

Image Source: personio.com 

Personio’s applicant tracking system is built to help HR teams hire top talents faster and provide an effective experience for both sides. It connects with almost 500 portals to which you can publish and advertise job postings and lets you keep an eye on from which sources most of your candidates are coming from.

Using this platform, you can manage all of your applications at one, beautifully designed dashboard, and convert candidates to employees at one click.

It comes with heaps of customizable, time-saving templates hiring teams can use to correspond with candidates, saves their info, highlights their strengths and weaknesses, and collects feedback after interviews. 

Personio deletes all data of rejected applicants to declutter things for you and keeps data of the hired ones safe and secure. Armed with reporting and analytics features, this ATS platform gives you insights into time-to-hire and real-time analysis to help you eliminate bottlenecks and make better, data-driven decisions and optimize your recruiting process.

Key Features

  • One-Click Job Posting
  • Sourcing Dashboard
  • Applicant Evaluation Forms
  • CV Parsing
  • Interview and Message Scheduling
  • Offer Templates
  • E-Signatures
  • Automated Reminders
  • Custom and Advanced Extended Reports
  • Onboarding and Offboarding


Calculate your costs via Personio’s calculator or contact their customer support for more info.

12. Asana A Well-Know Tool with Powerful ATS System Features

Asana Applicant Tracking Software

Image Source: asana.com

Asana can take out the complexity of the hiring process for both companies and candidates. This ATS software organizes and tracks candidates while ensuring the whole team is aligned throughout the process to ensure maximum efficiency and ensure a smoothly-run workflow and positive experience.

Simply load the “Candidate Tracking” template and watch best-in-class candidates rolling in! Best known as a project management tool, Asana lets you organize everything into detail. Designate a project to a hiring manager and give them permissions to assign tasks, move candidates along the pipeline, add comments, and track candidates’ progress.

One of a few free applicant tracking software, Asana displays all candidates in the pipeline, stores their resumes and contact info, and updates info along the way—during and after the interview process (if you decide to take a step further). You can also create as many custom fields as you want to categorize candidates in a better way (for instance, the position they’ve applied for, whether they are local or not, add their portfolios and websites, assign hiring statuses, etc.).

Some candidates won’t make the right match for the current role. Yet, don’t write them off, yet! Create a dedicated section for all candidates that were rejected, set tasks and due-date reminders for the next couple of months, and follow up on them to make sure you hire talents your competitors still don’t know about.

Key Features

  • Dedicated Candidate Tracking Template
  • Unlimited Candidates
  • Candidate Statuses
  • Custom Fields
  • Task Reminders
  • Approvals
  • Routine Tasks Automations
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Advanced Searches and Reporting
  • Integrated with LinkedIn, Smart Job Boards, GoHire, and Other Tools via Zapier


Asana has a free basic plan for individuals and small teams while paid plans start at $10,99/user/month.

13. GoHire The Best Applicant Tracking Software for Startups and Small Businesses

GoHire Applicant Tracking Software

Image Source: gohire.io

GoHire is an ATS platform launched to help small businesses hire top talents with less effort, in less time, and stay ahead of their competition. It gives you access to a plethora of job boards to which you can post multiple job postings at the same time.

This platform improves hiring productivity and features powerful filter, search, and rating options so you can target and find specific candidates, filter them by categories and statuses, and rate the best ones you want to take through to interview.

With GoHire, you can forget about boring paper CVs. This applicant tracking software collects all candidate data and brings it to beautiful and easily scannable profiles you can access in a click.

As a cherry to the top, GoHire comes with loads of pre-filled email templates (interview, offer letters) you can customize and send in bulk to increase efficiency and cut time to hire without compromising on the quality.

Key Features

  • Free Multi Job Board Postings
  • Job Description, Email, and Offer Letter Templates
  • Smart Candidate Searches
  • Candidate Evaluations
  • Screening Questions
  • Real-Time Messaging
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Bulk Actions
  • CV Import
  • Job and Candidate Reporting


GoHire has monthly pricing starting at $40 for small businesses and startups.

14. Greenhouse — An Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Software with No Learning Curve

Greenhouse Applicant Tracking Software

Image Source: greenhouse.io

Attracting the best talent, quickly scaling your team, and improving the hiring process for everyone is super-convenient with Greenhouse, one of the best applicant tracking software for mid-sized and growing companies.

This software can help you gain a competitive advantage on the market as it makes it convenient to iterate and measure hiring processes and keep everything moving forward with automated tasks. Once you gather a solid talent database, you can apply filters to find whoever you are searching for at a glance. Built-in interview kits can help you mitigate bias and put forward the top candidates.

With Greenhouse, you always stay on top of your hiring team’s activities. It encourages seamless collaboration via mentions and shared reviews, keeps you updated on changes every step of the way, and lets you invite stakeholders to get involved in the hiring process.

Greenhouse is primarily an ATS platform while its onboarding and CRM features can reduce burdens on your hiring and HR staff, amplify their efficiency and add value to your human capital.

Key Features

  • Multi-Channel Sourcing
  • Structured Hiring
  • Scorecards
  • Team Collaboration
  • Candidate Experience
  • Automated Task Management
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • 30+ Core Reports
  • Scalable Workflows
  • 300+ Integrations


Greenhouse offers 3 paid plans – essential, advanced, and expert. Contact them via email for more pricing info.

Cezanne HR Applicant Tracking Software

Image Source: cezannehr.com

Cezanne HR is designed to help you find the right people and fill vacancies faster. This ATS system connects with a plethora of leading free job boards to which you can as many publish job postings as you want. It streamlines communication within your hiring team and speeds up candidate selection. 

Cezanne HR also lets you publish vacancies on your existing career page, social media profiles, and even publish them in different languages. This way, you can build a huge and powerful candidate database that's searchable at your fingertips.

You can either ask candidates to upload CVs, answer your questionnaires, combine these two, or apply other application processes suitable for different roles to make sure people notice great opportunities your company offers and ensure your hire top talents only.

Cezanne HR allows you to let some of the candidates know they have not passed the first phase and send relevant emails to selected candidates and invite them to attend an interview, and schedule interviews via interview calendars. Hiring managers can add interview notes and provide feedback about each candidate to ensure a smooth and viable hiring process.

This applicant tracking software automatically removes out-of-date vacancies as well as the ones you’ve filled to de-clutter your space, and provides recruiting reports based on key metrics (time to fill and time to hire) so you can have everything under control.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Customizable Templates
  • Improved Candidate Communication
  • Time-Saving Automations
  • Configurable Fields
  • Interview Calendars
  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • Real-Time Insights
  • Integrated with Workable, LinkedIn Talent Hub, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Available on Android and App Store


Cezanne HR tailors subscription fees to your company’s headcount. Get in touch with them for more pricing info.

16. CEIPAL — An AI-Powered Applicant Tracking Software

Ceipal Applicant Tracking Software

Image Source: ceipal.com

CEIPAL acts like a centralized hub for all recruiting-related activities, from applicant tracking and ranking, background checking, getting critical business insights via timely, customizable reports, to paperless onboarding. This ATS software lets you search for candidates subscribed to myriad job boards by keyword, location, skills, and other critical criteria without having to log in and out of each and pull the best ones at a glance.

It features a powerful, overall search functionality and uses AI and machine learning to help you find the most qualified and relevant candidates, even the passive ones, rank them based on desirable skills, and find the closest matches to your ideal candidate’s profile. CEIPAL sources talents from sites like Github and Google and directly displays these talents to your dashboard so you can engage with the ones that are not actively seeking a job as well.

CEIPAL’s applicant tracking system lets you create beautifully designed and interactive reports and graphs to help you understand critical data and act on the parameters that can ensure better hiring in the future.

 Key Features

  • Connected with 25+ Free and Paid Job Boards
  • Resume Harvesting
  • AI-Based Candidate Ranking
  • Scan for Duplicate Resumes
  • Passive Candidate Sourcing
  • Integrated CRM
  • Unlimited Mass Emails
  • Google Chrome Plug-In
  • Customized Reporting
  • Integration with Taleo, AgileOne, VoIP Office, QuickBooks, Skype, Gmail, and Outlook


CEIPAL HR’s pricing depends on the number of recruiters and employees, starting at $114/month.

Wrapping Up

A growing number of companies use applicant tracking software to filter through a bunch of resumes they receive on every job posting. Out of the 16 systems we listed up above, we guess you already have a favorite, right?

If Infinity has sparked your interest and you can clearly see its potential, we would like to have a chat with you. Schedule a demo call today or email us at team@startinfinity.com to find out more about how you can use our software to attract and hire best-in-class talents.


Danijela Tomić
Danijela Tomić
Danijela is a political science major turned content writer who has different topics and industries at the tips of her fingers. There is almost no topic she's not familiar with, which her work definitely reflects. Her goal is to live a life with purpose and to help people get outside their comfort zone.

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