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Employee Database Template

Manage HR tasks with ease with this Employee Database template: keep track of your staff emails, phone numbers, addresses, hobbies, etc.
Employee Database
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Whether you’re an HR professional or a small business owner juggling multiple responsibilities, you know that keeping a record of all your employees’ information can be a time-consuming task. Our Employee Database template offers a single space to store all types of employee data, from emails to hire dates.

Using our Employee Database template, you can:

  • Store all employee information in one place.

  • Create custom labels for positions, departments, etc.

  • Get a clear overview of all team members and their roles.

  • Call or email an employee directly from the database.

  • Manage hire dates, layoff, etc. using Infinity's calendar.

  • Filter employees by department, location, or a custom attribute.

Benefits of Using Our Employee Database Template

  • Keep all employee data in one accessible location

  • Quickly access relevant employee information.

  • Easy management of employees by team or department.

  • Simplify and enhance your HR workflows.

How to Use This Template

  • Fill out the table with relevant employee information—names, addresses, emails, photos, and much more.

  • Create any additional custom attributes you might need, including the level of education, courses attended, salary, etc.

  • Group employees by department to manage them separately in the Departments tab.

  • Switch to the Calendar view to manage dates easily, or to the Columns view for a better overview of all vital information.

  • Filter data to display only what you need, such as employee birthdays, working hours, etc.

  • Use the Sort option to organize employees by location, hire date, or another attribute.

  • Create reminders for important dates, as well as other automations to help you make the employee database function in the best possible way.

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