Product Roadmap

Use This Template

In product development, Product Roadmap is a crucial part of the process. It lays out the product strategy and helps the stakeholders and the whole team understand the product vision and work on goals, as well as the requirements to achieve them.

With Infinity’s Product Roadmap template, you’ll be able to define features and plan releases, prioritize them by importance and effort, track development status and progress, predict how much development power is required to build a feature, as well as collaborate with your product team to make sure everyone is working on functionalities and updates that make the biggest impact.

This template will give you the map of features and functionalities that you’re planning to add to your product and the general time frame necessary to develop them.

With a combination of different Tabs (Views), you'll be able to preview and organize your features with maximum flexibility and customize them to line up with the product vision and keep everyone on the same page.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define features and plan releases

  • Prioritize features by importance and effort

  • Track development status of the features

  • Keep all stakeholders on the same page and collaborate with your team

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