15 Enterprise Project Management Tools for Better Organization

15 Enterprise Project Management Tools for Better Organization

Jun 04, 2024   18 Min Read
Managing multiple teams, hundreds of projects and tasks manually gets a lot easier with enterprise project management tools.

When managing countless departments, multiple agencies, and thousands of employees at once, you need a tool that can help you plan, align, and communicate on projects with teams scattered across the globe, and ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible.

Enterprise project management tools can help you plan, track and manage project schedules, collaborate across departments, align resources with visions, provide a 360-degree overview of progress, automate tasks, and execute projects.

In this enterprise project management software comparison guide, we’re going to discuss the most important features to look for in an enterprise project management software, and then move onto the actual tools that can help big companies manage their projects effectively. 

Enterprise Project Management Tools Checklist

A first-class-grade enterprise project management software should be able to handle large, small, and micro-processes across the organization. With offices dotted around the world and a myriad of clients and contractors, you need a full software suite packed with features like project portfolio management, file sharing, scheduling. 

Here’s an in-depth overview of functionalities to look for in not-so-average enterprise project management tools.

  • Project Portfolio Management—Project portfolio management acts as a bridge between project strategy and implementation. It establishes an optimal mix of projects by taking into account project length, forecasts risks, and identifies potential returns on projects. An enterprise project management system organizes projects in a way that makes them easy to glance over, collaborate on, and makes it a breeze to leverage project selection and execution.
  • File Sharing—Some enterprise project management tools offer simple file sharing features, while advanced ones come with more sophisticated functionalities, such as content versioning and setting user permissions.
  • Internal Communication—Being too reliant on emails may hinder your team’s efficiency and eat up a lot of their time. Instead of leaving the app every time you want to discuss a project, use one of the following EPM software. Basic platforms come with built-in instant and private messaging while other enterprise project management systems boast video conferencing as well.
  • User Dashboards—An enterprise project management software should give each user a visually-appealing and clear overview of vital project information via personalized and customizable dashboards.
  • Calendars—You need calendars to be able to track deadlines and milestones for each project. Some enterprise project management tools allow creating individual calendars for everyone on the team so they can stay updated on progress via their above-mentioned personalized dashboards. 
  • Gantt ChartsGantt charts are very common in enterprise project management. These charts graphically showcase project schedules, let you quickly change start and end dates, and stay in control of which team members are working on which project. Simply said, Gantt charts help you stay organized and keep up with daily, weekly, and monthly goals. 
  • Integrations—You can extend any enterprise project management tool’s functionality by integrating it with other enterprise-grade software like Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Clockify, and Dropbox. 

15 Enterprise Project Management Tools Your Company Needs

1. Infinity — The Ultimate Enterprise Project Management Software with Endless Customization Options


Infinity is an enterprise project management software that makes project planning, resource management, team collaboration, and budget tracking a breeze regardless of whether your organization has 50 or 100+ employees.

This tool is a one-size-fits-all type of solution, which means that you can use it to organize your entire company, initiate and plan projects, store important data, manage tasks and teams, and much more. It gathers all the important info in one place, and helps you break down projects into manageable tasks, group them by departments, assign tasks and set due dates, and keep track of how everyone’s doing.

Dealing with so much work at once, it’s easy to oversee priorities and deadlines. Yet, not with Infinity. Choose between 8 views to stay on top of deadlines and keep track of progress, use Gantt charts for even better deadline management, sort tasks by priority and status, and you’ll make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Great product, awesome team, and continuous improvements. I have been following this closely and so glad to see this grow. Now my team is using Infinity to organize all the data of our agency clients, TexAu leads, and the company.” — Vikesh Tiwari

Enterprises typically handle both external and internal projects, and Infinity simplifies managing human resources, milestones, deadlines, schedules, costs, and everything in-between internal projects might require. 

Here’s a short video on how Infinity works:

Key Features

  • Infinite Structure—Enterprises deal with a constant workflow inflow. With Infinity, you can create an unlimited number of boards, projects, tasks, and subtasks.
  • 8 Views—When managing multiple projects at a time, you may need to display data in various ways to get a better overview of progress, activities, milestones, and deadlines. Infinity comes with Document, Kanban, Table, Chart, List, Form, Gantt and Calendar views.
  • Ready-Made Templates—Starting projects from scratch is time-consuming and unnecessary when running a large organization. Infinity comes with 70+ customizable templates you can use for various types of projects.
  • Attributes—Infinity supports 20+ amazing attributes you can assign to projects and tasks to give them a deeper context. For instance, rate task importance, use checkboxes and checklists, keep track of tasks via project bars, link items across boards, etc.
  • Endless Customization—Group, edit, filter, and reorder data, select and organize items in bulk, color-code boards and labels for the sake of better organization.
  • Task Management—Conveniently assign tasks to individual members by project phases, create task dependencies, and track everyone’s performance (or underperformance).
  • Team CollaborationInfinity encourages collaboration within and outside teams, which is crucial for delivering superb projects. Communicate ideas and tasks via comments and mentions, invite people to join your team, get notified on recent updates, and create weekly and monthly reports.
  • File Sharing—Infinity makes file sharing a breeze. You can add files and docs at a click and share them across departments but outside your company as well.
  • Automations—Automate workflows, create recurring tasks, and set reminders for tasks so your teams never miss out on anything.
  • Integrations—Connect Infinity with Slack, Trello, Clockify, Google Calendar and more, as well as thousands of other apps via Zapier.

Infinity provides a clear overview of projects your teams are currently on, assignments for each team member, and tasks and subtasks' progress and status. This way, everyone has an idea of their responsibilities and how they fit into the whole project, which increases the overall productivity and boosts employee morale. 

What’s really awesome about our enterprise project management system is that it helps you visualize the big picture but also go into detail and understand business processes, strategize and restrategize, and set up your enterprise for success. 

These are some of the templates enterprises may find useful with Infinity:

INFINITY TIP: Create a “Client” folder to diversify projects and make your workspace easier to manage, then add a column to assign projects to each client and access them at a click.


Infinity's Basic plan starts at $6 per user each month, and Pro at $9. Plus, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

To get a quote for you enterprise project, feel free to visit our dedicated page: https://startinfinity.com/infinity-echo


2. Clarizen — A Flexible, Scalable, and Secure Enterprise Project Management Tool

clarizen enterprise project management tool

Image Source: clarizen.com/product/clarizen-one

Clarizen is one of the industry-leading project management software with portfolio management features and a plethora of built-in functionalities that can help any enterprise thrive on continuous change. Although packed with powerful enterprise project management capabilities, Clarizen still has a fairly user-friendly, gorgeous interface and comes with easily-customizable user dashboards.

Enterprises use Clarizen to create project strategy and plan execution in a way that supports their entire work cycle. Driving focus and increasing effectiveness across the enterprise has never been easier thanks to Clarizen’s configurable workflows that easily fit into the ways enterprises do their business.

This enterprise work management software’s in-context collaboration features align communication, engage your whole workforce, and accelerate their performance across the enterprise while configurable workflow automation maximizes project outcomes and eliminates double work.

Clarizen enables external communication as well so you can share emails, discussions, files, and links with stakeholders and ensure everyone is on the same page. Thanks to this software, enterprises can make data-driven financial decisions, automatically create status reports, manage their time and expenses, and improve their project health. Integrations with other enterprise-grade software like Slack and Zapier extend Clarizen’s power to maximum.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Projects, Portfolios, and Programs
  • Highly Configurable UI
  • Resource Management
  • Financial Planning
  • 360-Degree Real-Time Visibility
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Social Collaboration
  • Automated Business Processes
  • Internal and External Sharing
  • Salesforce, G Suite, Zendesk, and Jira Integrations


Clarizen offers two paid editions—enterprise and unlimited. Contact them via email for more pricing info.

3. Monday.com — The Best Enterprise Project Management Software for Large-Scale Portfolios

monday enterprise project management tool

Image Source: monday.com

Monday.com is one place to connect and manage all pieces of your enterprise’s portfolio. This enterprise project management tool has got you covered every step of the way, from planning to data insights, so you can easily execute project by project with clarity. On top of that, Monday.com comes with collaboration and reporting features that enhance its functionality and save you the time you would, otherwise, spend switching between tabs.

Now that we’ve touched on Monday.com’s time-saving capabilities, it’s worth mentioning this platform is powered with numerous automations so you can push your projects and portfolios even further!

Turn any workflow into a template and share it organization-wide at a click. Customize the platform to your work methodology, view project data in hundreds of ways, and see the bigger picture but also get into the nitty-gritty details of each project in your portfolio. 

Monday.com ensures a smooth workflow and encourages collaboration. With it, you can track project statuses, deadlines, and identify and resolve roadblocks, all while communicating across different levels of the enterprise. The app notifies you about any recent changes in real-time so you can stay in control of your teams’ activities but also keep stakeholders involved.

Last but not least, this enterprise project management system aligns with the strictest security measurements, lets you set user permissions, and controls access so you can rest assured your data is safe.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Boards
  • 200+ Customizable Templates
  • Multiple Project Views
  • Resource Management Features
  • Workflow Automations
  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Superior Data Protection and Administrative Controls
  • Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Todoist, and Other Project Management Software Integrations


Monday.com keeps their enterprise plan pricing private. Contact them via email for more info.

proofhub enterprise project management tool

Image Source: proofhub.com

ProofHub is an enterprise project management tool built to help teams around the globe plan, visualize, and organize projects, collaborate every step of the day through delivery, and finally, execute these projects in time. It gives you complete control over your projects’ portfolio, teams’ activities, analytics, and more.

Need all discussions and convos in one place? ProofHub can do that. Assigning tasks, distributing responsibilities, and setting task priorities? That also. Track task progress and monitor time spent on each? Mhm. Staying up to date with recent changes on projects? Allocating resources smartly? Hell, yeah.

This software is packed with many more functionalities that can streamline your processes and increase efficiency across any large organization. Thanks to Kanban boards and Gantt charts, you can divide tasks by stages, create task dependencies, get a visual overview of how tasks fit into projects, understand workflows better, and even encourage teams to self-manage to stay on the planned schedule.

ProofHub also brings together all your docs and files and makes them easily searchable via relevant keywords, stores previous file versions, and allows downloading and sharing files within and outside the enterprise. One really cool feature about ProofHub is that it lets members of your worldwide team set the interface in their language (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish), which is why it is rated as one of the best enterprise project management systems out there.

Key Features

  • Interactive Interface
  • Customizable Workflows
  • Project Templates
  • Unlimited Projects and Users
  • Calendar Features
  • File Versioning and Sharing
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Custom Roles
  • Time and Expense Tracking
  • Custom Reports


ProofHub is currently running a limited time-deal for remote teams and clients priced at $89/month when billed annually.

5. Wrike — An Enterprise Project Management System for Agile Teams

wrike enterprise project management tool

Image Source: wrike.com

Wrike, now part of Citrix, is an enterprise work management software with an extensive set of features that can maximize the performance of remote and cross-functional teams and accelerate growth.

It gives you a 360-degree view of your projects and departments and a detailed overview of workloads and important tasks so you can stay on top of progress across the whole enterprise, clearly see priorities, quickly find important information, and make smart decisions.

Customizable interface, dashboards, workflows, purpose-built templates, interactive Gantt charts, and shareable Kanban boards make Wrike super-convenient to fine-tune to your team’s exact needs.

Wrike’s Work Intelligence and automation features can help you predict risks, save time, and accelerate results across the whole organization. Use Wrike’s custom request forms to collect info, create rules, and auto-create and auto-assign tasks to your team and empower them to deliver on time and on budget.

To conclude, this enterprise management software encourages collaboration across teams via smart replies and voice commands and communication with key stakeholders, shortens the feedback loop, lets you review, edit, and approve files and tasks, and get insights into how your teams are doing and ensure even better results.

Key Features

  • Custom Dashboards, Fields, and Workflows
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Task and File Sharing
  • Project and Task Approvals
  • Time Tracking
  • User Groups and Permissions
  • Shared Team Calendars
  • Resource Management
  • 100GB of Storage
  • 400+ Integrations


Contact Wrike to find out more about their enterprise plan’s price.

6. ProjectManager.com — An Intuitive Enterprise Project Management Tool

projectmanager enterprise project management tool

Image Source: projectmanager.com

ProjectManager.com is one of the leading enterprise project management systems that can scale and adapt to any organization. Built for large teams and complex projects, it is packed with a full suite of planning, scheduling, collaborative, and resource management features so you need no other apps and programs floating around.

With ProjectManager.com, you plan and schedule projects with beautifully designed Gantt charts, track projects, tasks, budgets, and teams on real-time dashboards that display data in charts both project managers and teammates can easily comprehend. Not only that, this tool lets you manage team workload and resources and bring in balance so no one is overwhelmed with work while still staying highly productive.

Thanks to built-it project portfolio management capabilities, enterprises can manage multiple projects at a time—organize programs/portfolios and create project interdependencies, then divide them by task and collaborate on them.

Finally, being one of the best enterprise management tools, ProjectManager.com can create customizable reports on project and task statuses, availability, and time at a click and provide you with insights you need to reach your business goals.

Key Features

  • Project Plans, Dashboards, and Schedules
  • Task Management
  • Workload Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Gantt Charts and Kanban Boards
  • Resource Allocation
  • Expenses and Budgeting
  • Online File Storage
  • Advanced Reports
  • Slack, Salesforce, Jira, and Multiple Other Integrations


ProjectManager.com has a purpose-built enterprise plan and offers a free demo while pricing depends on the size of your organization, number of employees, etc.

7. Jira — A Mission-Critical Enterprise Project Management Software

jira enterprise project management tool

Image Source: atlassian.com/software/jira

Jira is an enterprise work management software with issue and project tracking features ideal for development teams. With it, you can plan projects, distribute tasks across the organization, gain complete visibility of progress, discuss your teams’ work, and release awesome software early.

One particular thing that makes Jira unique is its out-of-the-box workflow. In fact, you can choose between several workflows this program offers or create the one that matches your teams’ way of doing things.

Powered with automations, with Jira you don’t have to start from scratch. Get the most out of its built-in rule templates and get started in seconds, auto-assign issues, and automate software releases to boost productivity.

This enterprise management software provides you with visual data and creates reports based on real-time teams’ performance. Jira’s Enterprise plan includes Atlassian Access (data backups, disaster recovery, etc.) that ensures the utmost security and privacy of your projects.

Key Features

  • 10,000 Users
  • Customizable Workflows
  • Global and Multi-Project Automations
  • Scrum and Kanban Boards
  • Project Archiving
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Admin Insights
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Agile Reporting
  • IP Allow Listing
  • 3,000+ Integrations (Slack, Trello, etc.)


Jira has several annual plans for enterprises of various sizes, starting from $122,250.

8. Trello — An Advanced Enterprise Project Management Software

trello enterprise project management tool

Image Source: blog.trello.com

Trello falls into the category of enterprise project management tools trusted by large teams all around the world. Ideal for organizations with 100+ users, this software connects work across departments, enhances overall productivity, and provides the utmost control, security, and support.

Backed up with amazing features, Trello lets you fine-tune workflows and track projects your way. It also gives you complete visibility across projects via native Dashboard and Table views so you can understand how these projects connect and overlap, and eventually improve workstreams.

Trello’s built-in membership and organization controls make it convenient to manage access to projects, tasks, and boards, track everyone’s progress, monitor activity across multiple boards at a time, and ensure everyone collaborates smoothly while still allowing admins to keep sensitive work private.

Butler, Trello’s automation bot, reduces manual tasks so teams can accomplish more with fewer clicks by automatically updating cards, assigning members, and reminding the team about due dates. On the other hand, its unparalleled power-ups and integrations give you access to hundreds of apps such as Evernote, Github, Jira, and Google Drive without having to leave the platform. Trello truly makes enterprise project management easy and offers pretty much everything worldwide teams and admins need to execute projects.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Members
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Team Board Templates
  • Dashboard, Timeline, Team, and Calendar View
  • 6,000 Automated Commands by Month
  • Advanced Checklists
  • Centralized Admin Tools
  • Simple Data Export
  • Single and Multi-Board Guests
  • Unlimited Power-Ups


Trello’s average price per user is $210 for their enterprise plan. If you have any questions, contact their sales team.

9. Asana — An Enterprise Management Software with Robust Planning and Management Features

asana enterprise project management tool

Image Source: asana.com

Asana is an influential enterprise project management tool that gives you access to a full suite of features that can set you up for success. You don’t need to shuffle between apps and emails to keep your projects on course. Asana’s Enterprise plan is tailor-made to provide more power and control through planning, organizing and managing work, and executing projects.

At any moment, you can know what everyone is doing, track teams and task completion, get real-time status updates to make sure employees are tackling projects on time and not losing sight of all the moving pieces (which is quite easy when simultaneously working on multiple projects).

Asana streamlines communication and keeps everyone on the same page—teammates, clients, and vendors, and also makes important things such as files, feedback, project plans, and other details easy to find and share within and outside the organization.

Managing people across the whole enterprise is a piece of cake with Asana. This enterprise management software comes with SAML authentication and automated user provisioning, the most advanced admin controls that set it apart from the rest on our list.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Tasks and Projects
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Private Teams and Projects
  • Project Briefs
  • Data Import and Export
  • Admin Console
  • Dashboards
  • Advanced Search and Reporting
  • Cross-Regional Backups
  • Custom Integrations


Contact Asana’s Sales team to find more information about their Enterprise plan and pricing.

10. Toggl Plan — A Visually-Oriented Enterprise Project Management System 

toggl plan enterprise project management tool

Image Source: toggl.com/blog

Toggl Plan is one of those enterprise management tools that make juggling dozens of projects at once a pleasure. Its robust project planning and task management features can help large teams thrive and enjoy every step of the way, from the start to completion of each project.

Unbelievably easy to set up and use, Toggl Plan is 100% clutter-free and gives you a birds-eye-view of which projects are progressing so you don’t have to spend hours trying to keep things up to date and figuring out which capacities you have available.

Just like with all enterprises, your plans may change minute by minute. Toggle Plan is super-flexible and quickly adapts to changes. Simple drag and drop tasks and re-establish a smooth workflow without interrupting your teams’ activities.

Being such a great enterprise management tool, Toggl Plan lets you get back in time and get an overview of the last week, month, quarter, and annual progress via timeline view so you can drive conclusions and manage resources and workloads more efficiently.  

Although this enterprise project management platform lacks project portfolio management, reporting, and budgeting features, you can integrate it with Wrike, Planview, or LiquidPlanner to upgrade its functionalities.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Plan Boards, Tasks, Milestones, Plan and Team Timelines
  • Project Roadmap and Schedules
  • Multi-Assign Tasks
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Annual View
  • Time Tracking
  • In-App Notifications
  • User-Friendly Dashboards
  • Access Rights
  • 100+ Integrations and 1,000+ Custom API Integrations


Toggle Plan’s basic plan with standard features is priced at $8/user/month while their full-featured plan comes at $13,35/user/month (great for small and mid-sized enterprises).

11. Workzone — A Simple Enterprise Project Management Software

workzone enterprise project management tool

Image Source: workzone.com

Launched 17 years ago, Workzone was one of the first enterprise management tools. That means, teams standing behind it know a thing or two more about staying organized and getting more work done when running a large organization.

With Workzone, you always know where each of your projects and tasks stands. It lets you quickly review everything on a cross-board level and save time on processes and approvals. Not only that, this tool adapts to ever-evolving project priorities so you can quickly update work and measure results based on new details.

To help you not lose sanity when managing 100+ people, Workzone automatically updates project plans and projects as each member of the team updates their to-do lists and tackles tasks, and gives you a cross-project view of daily work.

Just like most enterprise project management tools, Workzone makes it a breeze to split up tasks and collaborate on these tasks, share files with teams, leave comments under tasks, and approve them so everyone works smarter together.

It also gives you insights into progress across workspaces and creates insightful reports to help you identify impediments and reassess on the go to maximize your enterprise’s results.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Project and Task Management
  • Reusable Project Templates
  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Cross-Project Dependencies
  • Workspace Groups
  • Time and Expense Tracking
  • Gantt Charts
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Zapier Integration


Workzone’s enterprise plan is priced at $43/user/month.

12. Smartsheet — An Empowering Enterprise Project Management Solution

smartsheet enterprise project management tool

Image Source: smartsheet.com

In a time of relentless change and ruthless competition, enterprises need to break down barriers and execute efficiently if they want to survive in this cruel market. Smartsheet is one of the most innovative enterprise project management tools built to help organizations work more dynamically and keep leading positions.

Easy enough for anyone to use, Smartsheet brings together collaboration, workflows, and content, streamlines processes, and drives results. With it, you can manage projects, portfolios, and resources across the whole enterprise and easily take daily challenges as it continuously adapts to the ever-evolving work environment.

Next, Smarthseet makes it a breeze to plan and schedule projects, fine-tune individual work preferences, and improve collaboration by encouraging everyone within your organization to share their ideas, while stakeholders are allowed to take part as well. It gives you full visibility into tasks and team priorities and creates real-time reports with rich metrics so you can get a better grasp of progress made.

You can also use Smartsheet to allocate resources across projects, track planned and actual spending, and stay in control over financials. This user-driven enterprise management software provides complete clarity, security, and compliance so your entire workforce is encouraged to deliver the best possible business outcomes.

Key Features

  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Customizable User Experience
  • Strategic Planning
  • Task Tracking
  • Automated Workflows
  • Resource Management
  • Budget Tracking
  • Live Data Dashboards and Charts
  • Slack, Salesforce, Jira, Box, and Many Other Integrations


Smartsheet’s pricing info on their Enterprise and Premier plans is available upon request.

13. Hive — A Comprehensive Enterprise Work Management Software

hive enterprise project management tool

Image Source: hive.com

Hive is a centralized enterprise project management platform that unifies all coworkers across the globe, data, tasks, and projects and helps with delivering flawless solutions. It comes with flexible project views so different departments in your organization can customize the interface in an inspiring and productive way.

Once you create projects and tasks, Hive displays all actions and tasks for each member in your organization via personal dashboards to make sure nothing falls through the tracks. Instead of losing time creating repeatable tasks, Hive helps you duplicate templates at a moment’s notice. Use automation buttons to add labels and sub-actions to tasks, change assignees, and move cards across projects.

Ideal for remote working, Hive streamlines communication via chat and lets you assign actions to co-workers by dragging and dropping tasks into the chat window. You can also add comments in the comment section to communicate potential issues, transfer work, or attach files.  

Hive Analytics allows admins and project managers to monitor team progress, actions, and tasks completed per individual and see who’s most productive and who’s running behind deadlines, get insights into the most productive days of the week, etc. This enterprise project management system comes with several extra add-ons, including resource management, proofing and approvals, timesheets, and features advanced security any organization needs to protect valuable data.

Key Features

  • Flexible Project Layouts
  • Project Portfolios
  • Dashboards
  • Automated Workflows
  • Notes-to-Tasks
  • Time Tracking
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • External Users
  • Native and Zapier Integrations
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps


Hive’s base package is priced at $12/user/month. Their enterprise package includes all add-ons (priced $4-$6 each), although it would be best to contact them for more info.

14. Basecamp — A Cloud-Based Enterprise Project Management Tool

basecamp enterprise project management tool

Image Source: basecamp.com

Basecamp combines all the tools large teams and enterprises need to manage multiple projects at a time. This enterprise project management software is packed with a myriad of functionalities (to-do lists, schedules, real-time group chat, message boards, file and doc storage) that can help you evenly spread work across departments and avoid chaos. 

With Basecamp, you get to see the big but also the nitty-gritty picture of your teams’ workload and progress. It keeps everyone working on projects in the loop and ensures they don’t lose sight of next actions, deadlines, etc. Hull Charts let you structure work and track task progress over time while the system itself automatically follows up on overdue tasks.

Notifications floating around may steal your attention when working. Basecamp lets you pause notifications with a click to give you more focus when working and displays them all once you are back on the cloud.

Searching for the right info when managing dozens of projects at once can be daunting. More advanced enterprise management tools like this one are powered with search features—by person, keyword, image, file, and history.

Lastly, Basecamp is capable of creating reports based on team and project performance and gives you quick insights into tasks completed for that day, overdue, due soon, and upcoming tasks, and all tasks assigned to specific people.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Projects and Users
  • Project Templates
  • Unlimited Clients and Contractors
  • Docs and Files
  • Shared Schedules
  • Priority Support
  • Automatic Check-Ins
  • Client Access
  • 500GB of Storage
  • Dozens of Native Integrations (Automate.io, Mr.ToDo, TaskBill.io, etc.)


Basecamp is priced at $99/month flat.

15. Easy Projects — An Award-Winning Enterprise Project Management Software

easy projects enterprise project management tool

Image Source: explore.easyprojects.net/blog

Project and portfolio management platform, Easy Projects makes a great choice for enterprise teams. Ranked as one of the best enterprise project management software, it provides you with visibility into all available resources, enables real-time resource planning, creates resource loading reports, aligns processes, and manages multiple projects at a time (including programs and ad-hoc projects).

Collaboration equals productivity and efficiency, and Easy Projects makes working together simple and hassle-free. It keeps project and task level info in one place, allows team members to request approvals, and keeps everyone updated on recent edits via notifications.  

As a part of portfolio management and analysis, Easy Projects measures the performance of each team member across departments and the progress of all projects that are currently running. 

Project managers and executives appreciate Easy Project’s business intelligence analytics based on which they can create beautifully designed interactive reports and analyze large amounts of data via dashboards. Teammates can choose preferred time-tracking methods while managers can use this data to generate time, billing, and payroll reports and calculate wages.

AI forecasting is one of the features that make this enterprise management software special. Using AI and Machine Learning, Easy Projects predicts project completion and helps with more effective planning and increasing efficiency across the enterprise.

Key Features

  • Cross-Project and Task Dependencies
  • Portfolio Management
  • Interactive Gantt Charts and Kanban Boards
  • Milestones
  • Calendars
  • Team Messages
  • AI Forecast
  • Project Expenses
  • Budget and Cost Tracking
  • Integration with Over 1,750 Apps via Zapier and Workato


Contact Easy Projects for pricing info.

Wrapping Up

If you’d like to give Infinity a try, feel free to get in touch with us. You can schedule a demo call or contact us via email team@startinfinity.com. For more details about Infinity itself and how it works, check out our Help Center.


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360° Business Architect includes comprehensive lessons, frameworks, dedicated software, and one-on-one mentorship.

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