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Business Roadmap Template

Use our Business Roadmap template to set business goals, keep stakeholders in the loop, and your team always up-to-date with progress.
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A strong and flexible business roadmap will allow you and your team to visualize the big picture when it comes to your business. It will help you and all the stakeholders understand your business goals and how to achieve them. 

With Infinity's Business Roadmap template, you’ll be able to manage business goals and strategies divided across company departments so that each department knows its role and the timeline for each of these projects.

In short, you can use our Business Roadmap template to:

  • Communicate your vision with the rest of the team and stakeholders.

  • Visualize your business roadmap in multiple ways.

  • Make it clear how various tasks, roles, and responsibilities come together.

  • Track the progress of every initiative across departments.

  • Jot down all initiatives in a single place with the Document view.

Benefits of Using Our Business Roadmap Template

  • Easily create, share, and update your business roadmap.

  • Keep all your teammates informed about the upcoming initiatives.

  • Get a bird’s-eye perspective of all statuses and priorities.

  • Visualize everything on a timeline i.e. a Gantt Chart.

  • Turn your business plan into reality. 

How to Use This Template

  • Load the Business Roadmap template.

  • Add your goals as items and write a short description for each goal.

  • Assign goals to different divisions, assignees, and set start and end dates.

  • Use the Label attribute to create labels for Status, Departments, and Quartals.

  • Track progress using the Kanban board or have all goals displayed on a timeline so you can see how your plan is progressing.

  • Use the Document view to write more detailed explanations of each goal.

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