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Using Excel to track projects is so old school. Drag yourself into the twenty-first century and start tracking projects with our Project Tracker template!
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Big or small, simple or complex—projects need to be tracked if you want to turn ideas to impact. Use this Project Tracker template to:

  • Manage company and internal projects, 

  • Divide projects into bitesize tasks and subtasks and estimate their duration,

  • Identify the resource required, 

  • Assign activities to team members, 

  • Track and monitor tasks and projects start to finish.

Benefits of Using Our Project Tracker Template

  • Improve visibility,

  • Set clear priorities,

  • Hold yourself and your team accountable,

  • Improve collaboration with the team and stakeholders,

  • Increase delivery speed,

  • Ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

How to Use This Template

  • Load our Project Tracker template and tweak its structure so it fits your and your team’s work preferences,

  • Create project teams and assign a project lead for every project you are working on, 

  • Define tasks, assign work to individual team members, set statuses, priorities, start and end dates, or choose between 20+ custom attributes to keep track of task completion, add special notes and attachments,

  • Track progress using progress bars to see how far your team has come,

  • Communicate progress among teammates in the comment section using the “@” symbol,

  • Move tasks across the “Project” board as they get completed from to-do to done by using the simple drag-and-drop function.

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