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Course Planning Template

Use Infinity's Course Planning template to plan lessons better, keep everything syllabus-related in one place, and take education to a whole new level.
Course Planning
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Master effective lesson planning to make the most of each class and give your students the best education possible. This Infinity Course Planning template will help you get rid of all your notes, workbooks, and scattered documents and provide a single digital knowledge base for all your lesson plans and teaching materials.

Using our Course Planning template, you can:

  • Easily create course units and lessons,

  • Schedule lessons in a calendar

  • Attach course materials like images, videos, or presentations,

  • Create checklists for each lesson,

  • Keep track of upcoming lessons.

Benefits of Using Our Course Planning Template

  •  Save time while organizing your course,

  •  Keep all course materials in one place, easily accessible,

  •  Cover all planned topics by following lesson checklists,

  •  Track course progress and upcoming lessons,

  •  Organize and schedule lessons in a calendar.

How to Use This Template

  • Create a course outline by adding a new item to the Course Overview tab.

  • Use Unit labels to assign each lesson to a unit. This way, you can group lessons by units they belong to.

  • Write a lesson description and add a checklist of all topics you plan to cover. You can check items off during the lesson to ensure you stay on track.

  • Attach documents like PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, word documents, images, videos, and other materials to each lesson.

  • You can filter, group, or sort lessons by name, date, status, teacher, or by custom criteria.

  • Use the Calendar tab to plan the course timeline and assign dates to lessons.

  • Use the Status label to mark completed lessons and keep track of course progress and upcoming lessons.

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