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Finances Tracker Template

Infinity’s personal Finances Tracker template will help you easily keep track of your income and expenses, and perhaps even save up money!
Finances Tracker
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Tracking your finances is the best way to understand how you’re spending your money, uncover hidden expenses that may be appearing out of nowhere, and make the most of your income. 

Although it may seem tedious and time-consuming at first, the truth is—tracking where your money is coming from as well as where it is going has never been easier, thanks to Infinity’s Finances Tracker template!

Use this template to:

  • Keep an eye on your total cash summary,

  • Slice and dice your spending, 

  • Plan your finances,

  • Cut back on expenses and level up your income,

  • Stay focused on your financial goals. 

Benefits of Using Our Finances Tracker Template 

  • Manage and track all your income sources and expenses on the go,

  • Learn about your spending patterns,

  • Start making move thoughtful money moves,

  • Improve your spending habits,

  • Save more money. 

How to Use This Template

  • Load the Finances Tracker template from our Templates gallery or directly from your workspace,

  • Write down your income from different sources, month after month, in the “Income” tab and sum it all up in a click,

  • Track your expenses, again, month after month, in a separate tab,

  • Group your financials by type (income, expenses, savings) or month,

  • Set your financial goals and compare them to how much you are earning and spending. 

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