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Design Sprint Template

Infinity’s Design Sprint template lets you successfully design a new product, service, or feature through a foolproof 5-step process.
Design Sprint
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Infinity’s Design Sprint lets you design a new product, service, or feature by using a 5-step, time-restricted process. Follow the template’s outline to successfully perform each step and deliver better prototypes and design deliverables.

Using our Design Sprint template, you can:

  • Follow the 5-step design process

  • Define goals, value proposition, audience, and KPIs

  • Create a product or feature roadmap

  • Facilitate team collaboration

  • Design product prototypes 

  • Test prototypes before launch

Benefits of Using This Design Sprint Template

  • Having attainable, clearly defined goals

  • Better teamwork

  • Faster product design process

  • One place for all 5 stages of the design sprint

  • Concrete deliverables

How to Use This Template

  • Open the Instructions folder and use the description and checklist as a guideline for each step.

  • In the Sprint folder, you will notice 5 columns dedicated to each stage of the sprint (Map, Sketch, Decide, Prototype, and Test).

  • Every day of the sprint, use the appropriate column to create and organize tasks for that day. Consult the Instructions folder to make sure you cover all important subtasks.

  • Use the Priority attribute to sort tasks by priority and tackle the most important issues first.

  • As you progress with the sprint, you can move completed tasks to the archive.

  • When you are done with Day 5 of the sprint, simply archive all tasks to reuse the template in the next design sprint.

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