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Keep your data clean and tidy by using Infinity’s Simple Table template—a powerful spreadsheet that can be customized any way you like.
Simple Table
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If you are a fan of Excel, but could use some extra functionalities for work, then our Simple Table Template might just be your cup of tea. Add your data to the template in a way that works for you the best (manually, CSV import, etc), and make it easily accessible to your entire team and even clients, if necessary. 

So, if you want to stop juggling multiple spreadsheets using different tools, then use this Simple Table template to:

  • Bring large sets of data to one place.

  • View and analyze all data at a glance.

  • Track tasks, goals, leads, finances, and more.

Benefits of Using Our Simple Table Template

  • Makes it easy to organize, visualize, and compare data and results.

  • Allows switching between other views (list, column, or any other) in seconds.

  • Presents a great base for building up more complex tables with formulas and reference fields.

  • Presents one of the best options for beginners and new users.

How to Use This Template

  • Load the “Simple Table” template from our Templates gallery or your workspace.

  • Create as many rows as you want and give a deeper context to each item - add and assign tasks, write down notes, etc.

  • Use labels to set priorities, create custom statuses, set start and due dates, and use progress bars to track progress.

  • Create separate folders for various project stages, backlogs, and archived tasks. 

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