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With our Web Design template, your web design process will run as smoothly as possible, with all of your designers always being on the same page.
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With all the wireframes, prototypes, drafts, and deadlines, web design can get pretty chaotic—and fast​​—regardless of whether you’re working solo or in a team. So, if there was a way to make things run more smoothly for you and simplify the entire web design process, wouldn’t you take it?

Infinity’s Web Design template is a great way for you to consolidate all of your work in a single place, without worrying about whether a wireframe or final draft will get lost on your computer. Plus, it gives you a chance to collaborate and communicate both with your team and your clients without a hassle.

Use our Web Design template to:

  • Keep all of your tasks and assets in a single place,

  • Easily track progress and deadlines,

  • Quickly assign tasks to other team members and communicate with them about necessary changes,

  • Decide what’s high-priority and what can wait,

  • Brainstorm ideas for upcoming projects and tasks.

Benefits of Using Our Web Design Template

  • Create a centralized hub for everything you’re working on, including assets, copy, ideas, links, etc.

  • Make deadlines and priorities completely clear to speed up production,

  • Ensure collaboration runs as smoothly as possible,

  • Automate some of the routine tasks, so that you have time for the work that matters,

  • Become more productive by having everything neatly laid out.

How to Use This Template

  • Load the template into your board or folder,

  • Decide if you want to keep the demo data or delete it,

  • Start by adding tasks/projects you’re working on,

  • Add notes, subtasks, due dates, progress bar, links, attachments, and various labels to make navigating the board more easy,

  • Assign team members to different tasks so they can keep up with their work,

  • Use the ‘Brainstorming’ folder to store ideas for future projects,

  • Use automations to eliminate routine work and focus on designing,

  • Easily make the board shareable, and send it to marketing or dev teams, or perhaps your clients for feedback.

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