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For all your human resources and recruitment organization needs, check out Infinity’s HR templates and make your HR department’s life infinitely easier.

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Employee Database

Remembering all the email addresses, phone numbers and birthdays can be difficult even when there's just five people in your team—let alone more. This Employee Database template will allow you to keep track of everything related to your employees, including contact data, positions, birthdays, hire dates, and more.

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Employee Scheduling

Tracking shifts, vacations, and sick days can easily become a mess, especially if you're dealing with a larger team. With that in mind, we've created the Employee Scheduling template that's meant to simplify at least one part of your day as an HR. The template comes with dedicated forms for vacation and sick days. 

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Applicant Tracking

Tracking all the details of your candidates—from resumes to interview schedules—can easily get overwhelming, especially as the number of applicants grows. This Applicant Tracking template will help you manage every aspect of the recruitment process, including tracking application statuses, scheduling interviews, storing candidate information, and more.

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Employee Onboarding

If you've been wondering if there's a way for your HR department to run the employee onboarding process more smoothly and get new hires up to speed faster, we're here to tell you—there is. With the Employee Onboarding template, you and the new hires will know exactly which steps you need to go through for successful onboarding.

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