My Freelance Business

As a freelancer you have to be everything for your business - your account manager, your accountant, your HR, your marketer and everything else your business requires. Plus you’ll need to take care of the tasks you have each week.

Take some pressure of your shoulders with Infinity’s My Freelance Business template that lets you gather all those business aspects in one place. With this template you can easily manage your current clients and potential new clients, you can manage your finances and track important metrics that help your freelancing career grow. And that’s just the beginning. You can add more folders to organize anything else your business needs.


If you’re a freelancer working on multiple projects at once, now you can keep all your work in one place with Infinity’s Tasks template.

This template will allow you to neatly pack your projects into different folders, but still give you an overview of all the tasks you need to take care of.

With custom attributes you can shape your tasks however you want - you can add custom labels, images, dates, descriptions and many more details. Take advantage of different views to see your tasks through different layouts - columns, calendar, table and list. And, you can use tabs to see your tasks in many different ways, you can filter them, group them, sort them, etc. Options are endless.

Course Planning

Whether you’re an elementary school teacher, a college professor, a language teacher, a tutor or anything in between, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for every lesson so you can make the most of each class and give your students the best education possible.

This Infinity Course Planning template will help you get rid of all your notebooks, workbooks and notes and keep all your plans in one digital place where you can easily find it each time you need it.

You can organize a course outline in this template or even plan each and every lesson, together with a lesson outline, your lesson plan, and all important files you’ll need. Plus, you can include dates and labels to neatly organize every detail of the courses you’re teaching.

Meetings Calendar

As a freelancer, the last thing you want is to miss an important meeting that could turn into your next big project.

That’s why you’ll need to keep your meetings in one coherent calendar that helps you manage all your events for the month, whether it’s a meeting with a hot lead, your accountant or a business partner.

Infinity’s Meetings Calendar template is super simple, yet it has everything you might need. Enter all important details for each meeting - like contact information, date and time of the meeting, notes that will help you prepare, and so on. And, use another tab to create a calendar that will help you scan your meetings quickly.   

Content Calendar

Creating a high-performing content strategy relies on multiple factors - content creation, editing, publishing, promotion across different channels and more.

To be able to keep track of that whole process without missing a thing, you’ll need a tool that lets you keep it all in one place.

Infinity’s Content Calendar template will help you manage your content from one point where everyone involved in the process will be able to keep track of it. Use this template to break down your content creation process into steps, assign tasks to team members, and set deadlines so that everything gets done in time.

Whether you’re managing a company blog or writing content for different websites and organizing the whole content strategy, you’ll be able to adapt this Content Calendar template to your needs.

Social Media Calendar

A strong social media strategy is important for building a highly engaged community.

By consistently posting interesting and informative content on social networks relevant for your business, you’ll grow your audience and maintain a community of loyal fans who will be the biggest advocates of your brand.

Social media calendar involves several elements that need to be accounted - content ideas, social media channels, clients, important dates and campaigns, and much more. And it’s crucial to have all those elements in one place and linked so you can have your social media campaigns running like a well-oiled machine.

In Infinity’s social media calendar template, you’ll be able to clearly define all the elements that comprise a successful social media strategy, focusing on the posting schedule. But you’ll be able to upgrade this template by adding your own calendar, your content ideas, your team and anything else you want to add.

Sales CRM

If you want your sales process to run like clockwork, you’ll need a tried and true strategy that lets you keep track of all the important aspects.

Infinity’s Sales CRM template will help you make sure that the process runs smoothly every time.

A good sales CRM template needs to account for numerous different details. You’ll need to know who your leads are, what is their status, who is your person of contact, which team member is responsible for each particular lead. Plus you’ll have many other details such as dates, predicted amounts, metrics and so on. All of these elements need to be tied together in one place so your whole sales team can have a clear view of the plan.

Use Infinity’s table to build a transparent and coherent CRM, link related information with references and keep track of important dates in the calendar.