Project Management

Project Planning

It's no secret that project planning can be quite challenging at times. It requires you to organize goals, schedules, and other components of a project in a way that your team is clear on what they're supposed to do.

​Our project planning template will help you break down your projects into smaller tasks, assign them to the right people, set due dates, and even keep track of everyone's progress. Your team members will be able to see their tasks sorted by status and priority, as well as view them through a Gantt chart for easier deadline management. 

With this template, you will not only have all the important information at hand, but also be able to collaborate on your upcoming projects with your team with complete ease.

Company Projects

In order to improve the company’s processes and grow your business, you will need to pay a lot of attention to internal company projects.

These projects require just as much planning and manpower as external projects and they should be approached with the same focus and attention as all other business areas.

Infinity’s company projects template will help you plan and organize all the aspects of these internal projects, such as project objectives, costs, human resources, schedules and anything else your internal projects need.

Business Roadmap

A strong and flexible business roadmap will help you and your team visualize the big picture when it comes to your business.

In other words, it will help you and all the stakeholders understand the business goals and how to achieve them.

With this Infinity template, you’ll be able to keep track of your business goals and strategies, divided across company departments so that each department knows their role in the upcoming projects and the timeline for working on these projects.

Project Tracker

Whether you’re managing internal projects, different clients, or the whole company, a project tracker will help you divide your projects into small steps that are easy to track and monitor.

With a clear project tracker, you’ll always be able to know which projects you’re currently working on, what are the tasks related to those projects and who is responsible for what.

With Infinity’s Project Tracker template, you’ll be able to follow a project from start to finish and easily track progress. And everyone on the team will know what tasks they need to do and how they fit into the whole project. That way, everyone will have a clear overview of their responsibilities.