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Novel Writing Template

Plan, write, edit, and publish a book. Infinity's Novel Writing template is an all-stops-included power tool spanning the entirety of your literary project.
Novel Writing
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Writing a novel is a large project, and has a lot in common with running a small business. With this template for authors and creative writers you can:

  • Follow a 45-step process on how to write a novel

  • Build a drag & drop outline

  • Create rich character profiles, complete with images and subplot synopses

  • Write scenes on the go directly in Infinity

  • Compile research for stories set in the real world

  • Design a fictional world, including defining politics, landmass, cultures & the rules of magic

  • Organize & implement beta reader feedback

  • Store contact details and track your communications with agents, publishers, editors, reviewers, endorsers, etc.

  • Build a mailing list

  • Create an itinerary for a book tour

  • Follow a suggested marketing plan

  • Learn about story structures, self-publishing, marketing & more!

This comprehensive template turns Infinity into a book planning and organizing tool to rival existing dedicated tools, software, and books on creative writing. It comes with predefined checklists and tabs to add your own content to, unique to your novel and story. The informative setup is designed to help you through every step of the process.

Created by Infinity user Johan Dahlberg, who wrote his debut novel with the help of Infinity.

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