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Hyped on the idea of losing some weight and getting toned? Our Workout Planner template is a great place to start from!
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Are you the “I’ll start working out on Monday, but never do” type of person? Do you, despite your best intentions, just keep on following fitfluencers on Instagram, watching them exercise while laying in bed, nibbling on chips?  

Perhaps you just need another push that will make you stick to the plan, and our Workout Planner template could provide that “push”. It doesn’t matter if you are into running, lifting, or riding a bike, here’s how you can use Infinity's Workout Planner template to make exercising an enjoyable part of your life and get that hot, magazine-like body:

  • Plan your workout routine,

  • Note down new exercises to try,

  • Visualize progress, 

  • Achieve the desired results quickly. 

Benefits of Using Our Workout Planner Template

  • Structure your exercise plan, achieve consistency, and with consistency, results come,

  • Prevent being under or overtrained,

  • Track progress day-by-day. 

How to Use This Template

  • Load our Workout Planner template first, 

  • Plan your workouts week-by-week and have them all neatly organized within one single folder, 

  • Write down all the exercises you are practicing in a separate folder and group them by workout type (yoga, jogging, swimming, running) or muscle type (legs, shoulders, back, chest),

  • For each exercise, add a description (specify the number of sets and repetitions, the time for each, normal heart rate, related image, and write down any notes that would help you reach your fitness goals faster,

  • Track progress in a separate folder by sessions, weeks, or months,

  • Create a third folder to have your favorite exercises available at a click (add links to videos on YouTube or any other fitness and health-oriented website). 

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