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Habit Tracker Template

Use this Habit Tracker to make daily routines simple to follow, stick with good habits, get inspired to keep going, and accomplish all your goals!
Habit Tracker
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Self-improvement works like this: start improving one area of your life and others will follow. F.e.: if you break the habit of pressing snooze multiple times before you get out of bed, odds are - you’ll eventually stop procrastinating, too! 

Kickstart new, positive habits or stick with the good ones that somehow slide away when life gets busy with a thing as simple and effective as a habit tracker. Use our Habit Tracker template to: 

  • Stay mindful and accountable for the habits you want to build,

  • Stay focused,

  • Boost confidence with each new habit developed,

  • Eventually identify and remove bad habits, 

  • Transform your life for the better.  

Benefits of Using Our Habit Tracker Template:

  • Keep yourself motivated,

  • Increase willpower,

  • Train your productivity muscle, 

  • Stick with positive habits,

  • Track progress in a visual way, 

  • Scale your habits down. 

How to Use This Template

  • Load the “Habit Tracker” template from the Templates gallery or your workspace,

  • Create as many folders as you want to track whether or not you are sticking with your habits month after month,

  • Create separate tabs for tracking both good and bad habits of yours,

  • Group habits by type, 

  • Track habit progress week-by-week by adding simple checks or by using handy progress bars, 

  • Add notes, thoughts, and ideas on ways how you can speed up the development of new habits or stick to the ones you’ve already developed. 

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