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Applicant Tracking Template

Streamline your hiring process with our Applicant Tracking template. Manage candidate information, track application statuses, and coordinate interviews all in one place.
Applicant Tracking
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Whether you’re part of a dedicated HR team or a small business owner handling hiring on your own, it’s no secret that managing the recruitment process can be challenging. Our Applicant Tracking template streamlines the hiring process, providing a centralized space to manage candidate information, track application statuses, and coordinate interviews.

Using our Applicant Tracking template, you can:

  • Store all candidate information in one place.

  • Create custom labels for job roles, application stages, etc.

  • Get a clear overview of all applicants and their progress.

  • Communicate with candidates directly from the database.

  • Schedule interviews and follow-up tasks using Infinity's calendar.

  • Create forms your potential hires will use to apply for different positions.

  • Filter candidates by job role, application status, or custom attributes.

Benefits of Using Our Applicant Tracking Template

  • Centralize all applicant data for easy access and management.

  • Quickly track the progress of each candidate through the recruitment pipeline.

  • Simplify and enhance your hiring workflows.

  • Improve communication and coordination within your recruitment team.

How to Use This Template

  • Use the Template folder with pre-defined hiring stages to create a pipeline for your candidates.

  • Create a new folder for each position you’re hiring for, e.g. Customer Support, Marketing Manager, Data Analyst, etc.

  • Add items with relevant applicant information—names, contact details, resumes, and more.

  • Create any additional custom attributes you might need, including education, work experience, and skills.

  • Use the different tabs—Interview Management, Interview #1, Interview #2—to filter your candidates and manage them with more ease.

  • Edit the form so that it fits the job posting you want to publish, then share it with your applicants or embed it on your website.

  • In the Job Listings folder, group all job openings by whether they’re currently open or closed. 

  • Create reminders for interview dates and other critical recruitment tasks, as well as other automations to optimize your applicant tracking process.

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